One of the actually frustrating issues with SRAM’s big move to 1x mountain bike drivetrains had been the fact that when you lose the front shifter, you still end up with less-than-stellar ergonomics if you choose to run RockShox’s dropper post, with it’s push to activate hydraulic remote on top of the bar. Finally now RockShox has a suitable solution, with a new Reverb 1x Remote that works with a trigger-style lever that mounts to a MatchMaker clamp under the bar just like that front shifter that SRAM had abolished. Easier, more comfortable dropper post actuation is finally here for the Reverb…

To put it simply, the completely new hydraulic Reverb 1x Remote uses the same SRAM trigger ergonomics with a lower force to activate it for easy-to-use, and easy-to-reach control of your Reverb dropper post.

A new hydraulic fitting setup also claims to make bleeding and maintenance as easy as ever in the new remote. The new remote is backward compatible with all B1 & A2 Reverbs, plus all of the Reverb Stealth models (you can identify compatibility with your dropper by the black return speed adjuster on the standard remote.) The new remote keeps the speed adjust (adjustable with a hex key) and is said to weigh 69g, which is 21g heavier than the current version, but we suspect no one with a 1x setup will want to pass this up over a few grams.

New Reverb Stealth dropper post with the 1x remote will sell for $400/445€ (post old and new remote options will continue), while an upgrade kit with the new 1x remote, the new Bleeding Edge fitting, a discreet clamp & MatchMakerX clamp will sell for $95/105€. Retail availability is said to be this month worldwide, so let’s get to updating all of those Reverb droppers out there now!


    • Derek on

      Probably not too many single speeders that would want this remote since it would be pretty hard to use with a shifter

  1. gringo on

    While the new lever looks nice, how is it that so few people ( author included) realize that you can run a reverb right / top lever on the bottom left with a matchmaker? It’s super clean and has decent ergonomics.

    I thought everyone knew this / was doing this….

    • Mike on

      I hear what your saying, however the new remote allows for a few things in terms of ergonomics. Your palm can remain entirely on the grip when pushing your thumb on the new paddle lever and can be more adaptable to more hand sizes. Also for those with small hands that have to run the old remote lever closer to the grip, but still want their brake lever further away, they have to run two clamps on their bar. this new remote level allows for lateral adjustability and also radial adjustability (move around the curve of the bar like the matchmaker shifter). In all it looks like a great addition to the reverb in terms of ergonomics…and I have been running the right-side lever under-mounted for years.

    • Derek on

      I think most people do know, but that puts the button too far inboard. I separate the Reverb lever from the brake to put it more outboard, kind of like how this new lever puts it much more outboard.

  2. Stoke on

    I wish they would focus more on reliability.. Every other demo bike that I’ve worked on that has a Reverb post, generally has issues.

    However, this is such a nice change from the previous button! So rad!

    • Shafty on

      They are relatively reliable, and they’re getting better, but often times they’re neglected because they’re ” just a seatpost”. The most basic service helps a lot with that, and the kits are cheap. At least the damper CAN be serviced. Screw KS for their factory service only dampers.

      Demo bikes are quite the exception though, since their treatment is so variable and borderline abuse sometimes.

  3. Paul S. on

    So, with the addition of a Problem Solvers MisMatch adaptor, I can finally make my Reverb play nicely with my Shimano ISpec2 brakes, right? If so, TAKE MY MONEY!


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