Hanging in the KMC chains booth was Maxime Marotte’s BH race hardtail for the Olympics in Rio, and it had a few interesting parts on it. We’ve got that and other random bits worth looking at, including a shotgun shell shaped bicycle bell, an award winning reconfigurable balance bike and more weird goods…

SR Suntour has long created custom forks for their top athletes, and this one gets blue anodized stanchions and a remote lockout with adjustable compression settings.

Prototype Michelin tires were a preview to the new Jet XCR and Force XC tires that we covered at the launch in March.

The bike was running the new gold Ti-Nitride chains, which come in 11 and 12 speeds and are available to the rest of us common riders.

Nammax is a Taiwanese company that manufacturers lowrider bicycles and related parts and accessories. Their booth was filled with great examples, but these two stood out.

Crushed velvet banana seat? Yes, please.

Don’t know what brand this is, but if you need a portable (folding) e-bike that’ll tackle any terrain, there are now options.

X-Zone won both iF and Taipei Cycle d&i awards for their beautifully machined X-Mini modular balance bike.

The design lets you change the angles, effectively changing the design. Other parts let you turn it into a three wheeled scooter or tricycle, too.

They use the design for a belt driven kids bike, too.

The brand also makes some wild ovalized BMX chainrings…

…and had this killer shotgun shell style bicycle bell.


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