We saw a run of limited edition Descendant handlebars from Truvativ last summer as part of their CoLab collaborative series commemorating some of gravity riding’s recent heroes. Now the Descendant CoLab is back, this time pairing with Troy Lee Designs to bring more color to your bike. With three different designs in carbon and aluminum Descendant bar options, parent SRAM is also pulling RockShox into the mix with matching fork sticker packs for the total custom look…

Descendant TLD Carbon Enduro


The one carbon handlebar is Truvativ’s tough Descendant Carbon Enduro bar, taking the standard 20mm rise, 5° upsweep, and 7° backsweep in a 750mm width and adding a bit of TLD flair with the red & gold star motif.

At 219g the TLD will set you back $200/220€/190£, which is a bit more than the last CoLab series, but this time includes the RockShox sticker pack for your 35mm stanchion fork.

Descendant TLD Aluminum DH

The other two handlebars are the Descendant Aluminum DH bar, a wide stiff bar up to the abuse of proper gravity riding. They come in two different color schemes with the same star design, either in blue & yellow or red & gray.

The 800mm wide, 25mm rise aluminum bars are made of 7050 alloy and get 5° up & 9° backsweep. The alloy bars weighs in at 349g and sell for $100/110€/95£ including matching fork decals.

Both TLD bars & sticker packs will be available worldwide through regular retail channels within the next two weeks, while the previous athlete series bars still have some availability.



  1. Wow, these are just hideous. I really don’t think a set of stickers supplied with the bars are going to tip the balance in their favor. Not really sure what market or age group these bars are aimed at, the graphics scream pre-teen but supplying stickers is going for the kindergarten demographic… Weird, just weird.

    • Clearly you’re unaware of the recent surge in custom decal-making and custom paint that has been sweeping the bike world. Companies like Stikrd have been making custom color and graphic decal sets for all disciplines of bikes for the past few years.

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