Ride and run tracking with Strava have just gotten some updated functionality via their updated mobile app. The newest app version adds club events, a feature formerly reserved for desktop users. Available for both iOS and Android devices, users can now view, create, RSVP, and comment on club events. Similar to an evite or a Facebook event, Strava first added the capability for clubs to create events back in October as a means to enhance their athletes’ social connectivity. And now that they’ve recognized that most Strava users regularly interact with the platform via the mobile apps, especially given the popularity of pairing with Bluetooth enabled GPS devices, so it made sense to cross over Club activities to phones as well. For more on organizing events check head to Strava.


  1. myke2241 on

    until they actually revert back to the color UI it doesnt matter! it would be also nice if they recognized more activities instead of bike, run, row…. if i can import it i should be able to see the totals for that activity.

  2. Flatbiller on

    Strava seems to be making updates to things no one cares about.

    It’s funny that you can set a mileage alert for running shoes, but not for the chain on your bike. You can name its brand, that’s about it–which is helpful, since I am not able to read the brand of my chain on the chain itself, let me fire up Strava to find out.

    Also, unless you name your ride appropriately, you will never be able to find that one ride you did 5 years ago at that one place (you named it “Shredfest with Wild Bill!”). How hard is it for them to overlay a map with pins that show the starting point of all of your rides? You hover over the pins and a popup shows the named of the ride, date, and mileage.

    And elevation alerts; mountain bikers don’t give a crap about mileage.


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