Birzman is at it again. Never one to be content with the current state of pump heads, they’ve set out to make attaching the pump head even easier. While the previous Snap-It Apogee head required you to push and twist, it needed a few extra twists to make it secure. It also didn’t push and twist on schrader valves, instead requiring the head to be threaded onto the valve.

The new Push & Twist head changes all that. With a simple push and a twist for either valve, the new head should make inflating those tires easier than ever…

The Push & Twist was actually one of two new pump heads shown at Sea Otter next to the new Flick-It. Compared to the Push & Twist, the Flick-It head is more of a traditional design, but it uses a spring loaded lever that operates in the opposite direction so it won’t pinch your fingers underneath. The spring also makes it very light action and easy to use. This head will be offered on the Maha Flick-It pump for just over $40.

The Push & Twist head is just as it sounds. Push. Then twist. It works for presta or schrader, and you simply pull on the gold sleeve to remove.

Replacing the Snap-It Apogee, the head is compatible with all current pumps and it will also be speced on all of the Birzman Maha pump models moving forward.

Birzman was also showing a few new mini floor pumps with the Horizon Apogee and Horizon Apogee Lite. The Lite model gets rid of the inline pressure gauge, but both pumps have a flip out foot peg and a telescoping handle with the Apogee pump head and pressure relief valve.

The Sheath Apogee combines a road pump capable for 160 psi with an additional CO2 inflator that detaches from the extendable hose. The pump is a great option if you don’t want to choose between CO2 and manual inflation with a design small enough for a jersey pocket.

Getting into the tubeless inflator market, Birzman has their new Pump Up which works like many other inflators. Using a standard pump, the canister is inflated to 160psi, then the air is released into the tire with a twist of the valve head. The schrader valve on the bottom means if you have a compressor that can inflate to 160psi, you should be able to skip the pumping step.


Birzman is pretty well known for their tools, but they’re looking to diversify into the accessories market with a new line of cages and cageless bottles. The Uncage Bottle Cage and Side Draw Bottle Cage use a somewhat traditional cage design up top with either a velcro strap for tubes and tire levers or a holster for two CO2 canisters and an inflator underneath. Obviously, one is a standard top load cage and the other is a side load.

Or you can skip the cage completely, with the Birzman Bottle Cleat Cage-Less. The cleat is mounted to the traditional bottle mount, and then the bottles snap into place using the lower circle as a guide.

Birzman is also looking to the bikepacking market with their Pack Man modular frame bags. Consisting of a larger Planet and smaller Satellite bag which attach together or can be used individually, the bags are water resistant and join a top tube bag as well as the seat post bag below.

Fitted with a roll top enclosure and plenty of straps and bungees to keep your gear in one place, the Pack Man series is an interesting direction for Birzman.

Birzman was also showing off their new one handed chain whip. While certainly not the first of its style, the design could make removing cassettes a bit easier.



  1. Tom on

    anyone have any idea how much valve body the push and twist head requires? I’ve got some short valve stems and hate extenders.

  2. blah blah blah on

    i don’t get it , my 20+ year old silca head you just push it on done, pump then pull it back off. no kung fu required

  3. BMX on

    you don’t want to be twisting a tubeless valve as some of them are keyed to fit in the channel of the rim twisting will lift them up and break the seal.


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