MRP has been slowly rolling out their adjustable air cartridges for every fork that might need it, but when they got to the recent Fox 36, they encountered a problem. Due to the way the air spring is laid out, simply adding a cartridge at the top wouldn’t work. Instead, MRP developed a few additional components that will not only give you ramp control, but also allow you to independently tune the air pressure of the positive and negative chamber.

The silver plug above is used to block off the negative chamber from the positive, while the black air valve replaces the air shaft stud at the bottom of the fork. Once installed, you can use the standard air valve at the top to inflate the positive chamber, the new air valve at the bottom for the negative chamber, and 16 clicks of ramp adjust through the external dial on the cartridge. Compatible with 2015-17 Fox 36 forks, the cartridge runs.

Also at the show, MRP had a new chain guide that is not only their cheapest, but also happens to be the lightest…

MRP says that they have always been about making the best chainguide they could design, but the recent influx of more affordable guides made them think they should create their own. That led to the design of the 1x CS or Core Series. Using a glass filled nylon composite back plate with a simplified upper guide, the CS is their lightest guide available at 33g. But it does so partially by getting rid of the comolding for the upper guide that makes it quieter to run. Designed for 28-34t chainrings, the ISCG 05 guide sells for $39.95.

Both MRP and Jenson were also on hand to show off one of the newest bikes in the Jenson Custom Collection. Called the Banshee Rune Eagle, the bike is impressively speced with an MRP Ribbon 160mm fork, Cane Creek DB CS Air rear shock, Industry Nine Enduro S 2.5″ wheels, a Race Face cockpit, and a full SRAM Eagle X01 build, all for $4,999 (check the full spec on JensonUSA). Shipping runs as low as $59, though California residents have the option to pick it up in Corona or Riverside – which if you’re headed out to the High Five Ride Fest on May 21 at their Riverside location, it may be a great time to pick up a new bike.


  1. I installed the 36 kit last week and it seriously improved the small bump. I think separating the air chambers made tuning this fork MUCH easier. Very easy kit to install and the quality of the parts were are very nice (I own a bike shop and feel like any competent shop with suspension experience would have no trouble installing this) . Instructions were perfect. Some special tools are required for installation (tube block to disassemble the air shaft without damage for instance).

  2. I think this is a great product idea for air forks in general and it has similar concepts that have proven to work in MX suspension tuning.
    That said, I have a new 2018 36 coming next week, but MRP does not know if these will fit the new fork. SO it looks limited to earlier models…….for now.

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