Vittoria gave us a look at their new Terreno Tire line a few weeks before Sea Otter, but nothing beats having them explain it on video. With three versions for Dry, Wet and Mixed surfaces, there’s something for everyone, everywhere. And the designs and tread shapes are unique, something we’re very excited to test now that a batch are on their way to Bikerumor HQ.

Vittoria also updated three of their popular mountain bike treads, shown in the second half of the video with photos below. Hit the link above for more images of the Terrenos…

Vittoria Gato all conditions XC race mountain bike tire

Aimed at all conditions XC use, the Gato gets stacked treads with wavy sipes on all of them to maximize grip without having to go too deep on knob height. That helps it remain a fast rolling cross country tire, but gives it sticking power even over wet roots and rocks.

Vittoria Gato all conditions XC race mountain bike tire

Note the stepped progression to the intermediate knobs, which gives them more support underneath but lets the top half squirm the sipes around the ground. It comes in standard and TNT (Tube/No Tube) tubeless ready versions, in 2.2 widths for 29er and 27.5. Weights range from 680g to 800g.

Vittoria Martello and Mota enduro mountain bike tires

For more aggressive gravity riding, the Mota and Martello have taller, more widely spaced knobs. The Mota comes in a massive 2.5″ width (26″ and 27.5″), tubeless ready, and with weights from 1,400g to 1,440g. It’s the more mud-oriented option thanks to the widest knob spacing.

The Martello comes in the same sizes, with weights from 1,380g to 1,480g, but puts the knobs closer together. It also varies the heights and shapes a bit more, helping give it a more progressive feel as you lean it into the corners.  Like the Gato, the siping helps the knobs squirm in preset directions to maximize grip when cornering or braking.



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