Packing your bikes and other gear can often be a challenge, especially if you are trying to carry multiple bikes or different types of gear. Looking to solve this issue, Exodux has launched a new project on Kickstater to fund their MultiTaskR truck bed tailgate rack, designed to carry all manner of equipment securely and safely. Find out more about how the MuliTaskR may just solve your gear carrying woes.

The guys behind Exodux aren’t new to the rack business. Jeff Sayegh and his partners were the former owners of Hurricane Components and the creators of the Fork Up design. Sayegh sold Hurricane Components in 2003 to spend time with his newborn son, but two years ago he started Exodux after seeing so many bikes slung over the back of truck beds. “We noticed that the tailgate pads were gaining in popularity, but had several shortcomings, including damage to your bikes and your truck,” says Sayegh. “We live and work in the mountains and have a bike park nearby, so I would see lots of trucks with bikes coming into town on any given weekend. I would just cringe, when I would be following a truck with a tailgate pad/ bikes, up or down the mountain, seeing the bikes bouncing or slamming together.”

The MultiTaskR can carry just about any piece of gear you have.

Made of 6061 T-6 aluminum, the design of the MultiTaskr is straight forward. Two cross bars, one at the bottom of your truck bed and one at the height of the gate, are secured to the side of your truck bed using T handles. The bars accept different mounting options to carry gear like bikes or kayaks, and can also secure items like lumber or a ladder, making it incredibly versatile. For road bikes there are simple fork mounts, slick STM mounts that use the space in your steerer tube attach any bike with a suspension fork, and expandable multi-mount cross bars to secure big items like a kayak, surfboard or wiod for building a sweet jump. The system is designed to be mixed and matched depending on your needs. Plus, if you don’t have anything to be hauled around, they say you can remove the rack in about a minute.

And if you’re carrying all of this expensive gear in your truck bed, you need a way to keep it all locked down. The MultiTaskR has safety covered with a variety of locks available with each mounting option. No more running cables and locks through frames and wheels.

Exodux is already adding to the line, with more mounts on the way for the MultiTaskR, and an entirely new product as well.

Pledges start at $10 to help get the project started, but start at $460 for a base rack and one bike mount and go up from there. Estimated time of delivery is early 2018. Head over to their website to get more details and support the project.


  1. I have used a RecRac system ( for 8 years and have found them to be the best way to handle 2 bikes for sure . 4 bikes work but not as easily. But the system is awesome as you can throw your dirty bike in the back of the truck and be off and driving in 15 seconds. No maintenance and it doesn’t take away any truck bed functionality and costs very little money. I have yet to see anything better. This steerer clamp method is neat but limited to long travel forks and costs a lot more,requires installing it everytime you use it vs. one that remains in place and is ready to go all the time.

  2. Chase, first thanks for your reply, I am not familiar with the RecRac that you mentioned and I could not pull up their website.
    To answer your concerns, the STM ( steerer tube mount) does not require a long travel fork, you need less than 4″ of clearance between the fork crown and tire. You do not have to install it every time you use it either.
    Also, you do not lose function of your truck bed as the MultiTaskR sits near the rear of the bed and can either fold down or be completely removed in less than 30 seconds.
    With other Bike racks that carry 2-4 bikes and which cost from about $600-$1000, and all they can do is carry bikes, the MultiTaskR is a value because of its versatility.

    We have on the drawing boards, a mount that holds your road bike( or any bike for that matter) over the tailgate like the STM mount, but uses your downtube and fork.We also have a lighting system, a work stand and a couple other things in the future.

  3. As a truck owner for life. I am keenly aware of all the positives and negatives of rack systems. I went through many different solutions. Your idea is cool for sure. I like the steerer tube mount.
    But if you have a road bike you need to unmount the wheel. Anything that requires me to take off the front wheel is a fail in my book.
    For 1/2 the price I can carry 4 bikes completely in the bed with the tailgate up , super secure just grabbing the fork and a seat stay with a silicone strap.
    I never have to carry it, store it, remount it, configure it or think about it. Which makes it perfect….for me anyway.

  4. I’m sure this works well, but really why bother? You’ll look like even more of a dork than the guy pulling his bike off the Thule roof rack on his Subaru Outback (but go right ahead, I’m the guy in the outback). If you have a truck, a tailgate pad and a couple of old blankets or painters’ drop sheets to pad the bikes, and a tie down strap to cut the bounce should be all you need. Trucks and mountain bikes are meant to be abused, not to be objects of vanity.

  5. This is a detailed and well thought out product, but it reminds me of the old joke about NASA– NASA spent years and millions of dollars designing a pen that writes in zero gravity… the Russians just used a pencil! I can buy 4 truck pads for the price of one rack + one bike mount.

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