One of the more interesting ebikes on display at Sea Otter turns out to be one that may or may not be headed to production. In a display that may give some clue to their future, Raleigh didn’t have any non-ebikes on display this year, just a share booth with sister electronic brand, iZip. Along with a number of new electric assist models, there was a prototype lurking about that seemed to gain a lot of attention…

That refers to the Raleigh Stuntman iE, which in this case is a stylized version of the Raleigh Redux iE. Gaining drop bars, road plus wheels and tires, and styling cues from the Stuntman gravel bike, Raleigh says that for now, this Brose motor equipped bike is just a concept. But if enough people ask for it…

If you walked into the Raleigh/iZip booth, you might think that you were seeing double. That is, until you realized that one set of bikes had iZip logos and the others were labeled as Raleigh. Rather than making two completely different line of bikes, Raleigh and iZip share the same line (both companies are under the same ownership), and they are branded differently to sell through their respective dealer networks. However, all the bikes carry the same spec for the same price.

Bikes like the iZip Pro Tour will be sold with the COBI system integrated into the bike which allows you to use your iOS or Android smart phone as a display unit that controls the bike, navigation, lights, and more. Equipped with extras like accelerometer based turn signals and brake lights, the bike features a 500w center drive motor with a $3,300 retail and will be available in a month.

Both iZip and Raleigh have new eMountain bikes as well with plus, fat, and full suspension options each with the Bosch CX motor from $3,099 – $4,200.




  1. There’ve been so many rapid changes at Raleigh over the last few years. It’s been insanity in the two or so years that we’ve been carrying them in our store. Hard to keep up with some of their changes.

    However, Raleigh and Raleigh Electric are operating as somewhat (completely?) separate entities now, or so our reps say.

    So if Raleigh Electric was at SeaOtter, and not regular Raleigh, I wouldn’t read too much into the fact that they only had electric bikes

    • Your clarification of the separation between Raleigh and Raleigh Electric is accurate. Raleigh Electric is operating as a stand-alone company separate from Raleigh USA.

      What is not completely accurate in the article is that the lines are exactly the same. Although there are overlapping models, each brand has specific models that are unique to that brand.

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