Like most riders, I’ve struggled with figuring out how to fit up to six bikes in my helicopter to hit the trails. Thankfully, Canadian helicopter accessory maker Aero Designs has the perfect solution with their new Quick Release Bike Rack.

Utilizing the same mounts as their cargo baskets, these racks will hold up to six bikes and fit 26 – 29 inch wheels up to four inches wide. The bikes are secured via two cam arms that clamp down on the tires, much like a standard rack for your car. In reality, this design will save riders that pay for a heli-drop both time and money. Currently, many helicopter shuttle companies have to do multiple runs since they can’t carry all of the people and their bikes at the same time – and often require the bikes to be left dangling from the bottom of the helicopter. This new design seems like you might be able to fly six riders and their bikes all at once, and in a way that’s safer for all passengers.

All sarcasm aside, Aero Design had to do a lot more than make a car rack work for helicopters. To meet US and Canadian regulations regarding flight safety, they had to do performance testing to give pilots information on how having one to six bikes will affect the helicopters performance…

There are also specifics on how to best position the bikes, load them properly, prohibited configurations, and more. While we’re not quite sure how they test for all of this, it makes a lot sense considering the ramifications of something going wrong in helicopter loaded with people.

No price is listed for the racks, but there are financing options available, which usually means they aren’t cheap. So if you own an air shuttle company, or are just independently wealthy, won the lottery, or just earned your way to the point where a helicopter is a viable mode of transportation, check out Aero Designs to bring your bikes along with you. 


  1. This is a pretty neat article. I especially like how they require an additional strap to secure wheels attached to non thru-axle bikes, proving once again that QR wheels will kill you.

  2. Oh sure, but will these racks survive an autorotation or worse?
    Because as with any collision, you have to check on the bikes first!

    • A properly preformed autorotation will result in no damage to the aircraft. They make you do a full touchdown autorotation when you learn to for.

      The rack does need to be design to meet the crash safety minimums. I don’t have my DO-160 in front of me to cite the G forces. But the structure has to stay intact and not separate from the aircraft, including the bikes. The loads are based on a survivable crash. So if you’re bike isn’t okay, you’re probably dead.

    • Except for one minor detail…….regulations and approval for proposed homemade rack…..aircraft are just a tiny bit different than your car….minor detail.

    • Cheaper and helicopter are two words that are never used together in the helicopter world.

      The latch on the 1-UP world not pass scrutiny. It’s a single point failure mode which could result in the bike coming off and hitting the tailrotor.

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