Almost a year ago to the day, Robot Bike unveiled their unique 3D printed titanium lug + carbon tube concept for a full custom enduro bike built around a Dave Weagle suspension design. Now Robot are back with a new more trail-focused bike. The R130 pares the unique DW6 design back to (you guessed it) 130mm of suspension travel, but with a move up to 29″ wheels they say it likes to get aggressive with the best of them and can still pedal like a champ. The bike is slated to make its official debut later in the month, but Robot are taking pre-orders now. Get the full details after the jump…

Like the R160 the came before it, the new 29er R130 is built around a set of titanium lugs that are custom 3D printed for each bike, then have carbon tubes bonded in through the use of a double lap shear joint (where the ti lug bonds to both the inner & outer walls of the carbon tube.)


Robot Bike Co developed the new R130 as more of an all-mountain bike than the gravity-happy R160. As they put it, they saw how well the longer travel bike pedaled and realized that by tuning back the DW6 suspension and adding the improved roll-over of bigger wheels they could build a bike that would climb as quick as a hardtail without having to rely on a shock platform, then still beg to get rowdy on the descents.


That construction means each bike gets custom geometry. Robot starts with a recommended 66° headtube for the R130 for trail descending prowess paired to a 140mm fork, but can adjust to really any fork travel or ride character an individual buyer is looking for.

As a custom bike, the R130 does stick with some core specs that Robot thinks are important. Of course that’s the 29″ wheels & 130mm of Dave Weagle designed short DW-link suspension, with its Robot-exclusive extra third link down below. But it also extends to single chainring setups and a Boost 148 thru-axle rear end giving he bike ample tire clearance (2.5″+) with its standard 430mm chainstays.

The bike gets a tapered headtube, 73mm threaded bottom bracket, and ISCG tabs to run your chain guide or bash guard. The frame is designed around a trunnion mount shock with bearings at each end for smooth action of the latest in large air volume shocks. The R130 gets internal cable routing  integrated into the ti lugs, with compatibility for a stealth 31.6mm dropper seatpost.

The R130 is officially just on pre-order now, with the bike to be officially released at the end of June 2017. The fully custom R130 frame with shock will sell in Europe & the UK for £3895 (~4470€) inclusive of tax, or outside of the EU for £3246 (~$4200), subject to local taxes.

Interestingly that is a bit better than 10% less than what the R160 sold for last year. But this new pricing is good for either bike now!


  1. Chase on

    Having just ordered another 29er Trail bike I will sit on the sidelines and wait till this technology matures. But Robotbike very well may be my next bike. The ability to have proven top shelf kinematics with custom geo is a powerful combo.

    • Ryan on

      Looks are a matter of personal taste, but to me that frame is SUPER UGLY to look at. Looks aside though, I really like the tube-to-lug interface. Make something that doesn’t look like it was made in the Soviet Union in 1974 and I’d buy one.

  2. tyler on

    brilliant looking bike.

    i wonder how strong that headtube is compared to drawn tubing though.

    isnt 3d printed Ti basically sintered metal? or am i way off?

  3. Shabnum Bhat on

    Looks great! people may find it a little expensive though, but, being part of 3D printing service industry, i can say metal 3D printing is expensive and requires a good amount of time. So if we consider technology, material and work to be done on it, i believe its worth it.


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