If you need one quote that sums up what Bob Babbitt, the man behind Competitor Magazine (which eventually led to VeloNews and much, much more) does, this is it:

“I believe in win/win/win/win/win. Everybody wins … At the end of the day, when you grow the industry, your brand grows. It’s everybody working together…and seeing how everybody can benefit.”

As you’re about to hear, he grew his business from a small regional sports rag into a national publication, a radio show, a podcast, an awards ceremony, and a race series. He’s brilliant. And whether you want to start a magazine, radio show, event series or not, there are some amazing lessons here for any business that’s looking to grow their long term by growing their industry.

For full show notes, images and more on this interview, check out my post on The Build Cycle!

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