The start of the Tour always means a lot of new gear releases and this year is no exception. Trek’s venerable house brand Bontrager has released two new versions of their popular Aeolus wheels; the Aeolus Pro 3 TLR and TLR disc. Available in disc or rim brake and using either quick release or thru axles, the new wheels have dropped in price while picking up some slick upgrades. They also introduced a new MIPS equipped flagship road helmet, the Velocis.

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The new Aeolus Pro 3 wheels are available in disc or rim brake versions. Rim brake wheels are quick release only, while their disc counterparts feature swappable endcaps (which are included at purchase) to offer QR, 12mm, & 15mm thru axle compatibility. The hubs for both wheelsets use straight-pull spokes, and both are built with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.  Disc wheels use 24 spokes for front and rear wheels, with the front weighing in at 715g and the rear tipping the scales at 885g.

Rim brake Aeolus’ feature 18 spoke front wheels and 24 spoke rears, with those wheels weighing 656g and 850g respectively. While previous versions have seen DT Swiss’ brilliantly modular Star Ratchet engagement system, the new Pro 3 wheels use a Bontrager 3-pawl ratchet design, which offers 24 points of engagement. Freehubs for either wheelset are available in Shimano/SRAM 11 speed. No word on Campagnolo compatibility just yet.


Perhaps the biggest update to the Aeolus Pro 3’s is the move to a wider, tubeless ready rim bed. Internal width has grown to 19.5mm with external width at a whopping 27mm. Rim depth stays consistent with previous generations at 35mm. While this is in keeping with the ever-widening crop of road rims, Bontrager point out that they will be equally at home on a cyclocross course as on a crit lap, especially now that riders can ditch tubes altogether. Pricing is lower than some comparables at $1200(€1050) per set for either disc or rim brake versions.


Bontrager also unveiled a new flagship road helmet, the Velocis MIPS.  Featuring a BOA closure system, sweat-wicking pads and MIPS technology, the new Velocis builds on the reputation of Bontrager’s Ballista helmets. Weighing 266g for a size medium, the new Velocis boasts lower-reaching protection than most competitors, while staying competitive aerodynamically.

Internal channels keep air moving across the rider’s head, while Bontrager’s signature 37.5 padding wicks moisture away as well. Included with each helmet is a detachable visor. Bontrager also offers a 1-year replacement guarantee if you crash and need a replacement. Available in 6 colorways, the Velocis will be available mid July and carries a $200/€200 price tag.

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  1. Antonio Bošković on

    as much as i like having wider internal width, at this point i can no longer fit tires inside my frame
    25mm gp4000s they go to 28 and my older felt wont accept that

  2. ChrisC on

    Confused… the rim dimensions match the other D3 rims… Are we sure the difference isn’t just the hub?

    I guess it could be a new carbon layup too…

    • Kish on

      On the Trekbikes website for South Africa, they mention that the rim is exactly the same as the Aeolus 3 TLR (non-Pro version). Hubs are the main difference, and also the Pro is manufactures and assembles in one of the Asian countries (can’t recall exactly) where costs are lower than in the US.

    • Stevie Marco on

      Weighing 266g for a size medium, the new Velocis boasts lower-reaching protection than most competitors, while staying competitive aerodynamically.

  3. Bikerhp on

    The new rim is made in Tiawan. They also have an alloy hub vs a carbon hub. Very nice wheels for the money. Our shop has aleady sold a couple pairs.

      • Joe on

        correcting myself here, as I missed the other pic you must have ben referring to: there’s a skinwall R4 320tpi tire in both tubular and clincher.


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