As wide range cassettes continue to drop in price, we’re starting to see fewer cassette adapters – but that doesn’t mean they’re disappearing completely. Case in point is the new cassette adapter for SRAM NX cassettes from Aribike. Just like the adapters we’ve seen for 10 speed cassettes to increase their range, the 11 speed compatible adapter from Ari may be useful if your bike came equipped with SRAM NX and you’re looking for a little more range…

Due to the segmented nature of the NX PG-1130 11-42 cassette (above), users can add a larger cog while keeping the 11 gear count. The NX adapters are available in 44, 45, 46, or 48t which are all supposedly compatible with the standard SRAM NX rear derailleur (SRAM states that 42t is the largest cog the derailleur will accept). Just like other cassette adapters, to make room for the new larger cog, you have to eliminate one of the smaller cogs – either the 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, or 28t, depending on where you’d rather lose a gear. The ERGAL 7075 T6 aluminum cassette adapter then slips behind the largest cluster providing additional range.

Claimed weight is listed as 94, 104, 11, or 122g for the 44-48t cogs, and each is priced at €75 for the U.S. market and they are available in one of 13 different colors.

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