Continuing to expand their carbon wheel line up, NOX Composites now has something a bit… deeper. The logical evolution of their Falkor 36, the new Falkor 55 jumps in with a rim brake version and a disc specific version that’s on the way. As a result of their new Weighted Performance Matrix (WPM) design process, NOX claims the wheel is designed with 20 different parameters in mind to create the perfect design once factors like tire choice, terrain, and rider usage are taken into consideration. Perhaps more importantly, the Falkor 55 is a deep, light weight carbon rim that isn’t quite as expensive as many other options…

Optimized for use with a 25mm tire, the Falkor 55 features an 18mm internal width and 55mm deep profile. Developed using CFD and proven in the wind tunnel, NOX claims that the profile is the ideal shape for reducing drag as yaw angles less than 15°. Eventually to be offered in rim or disc brake specific builds, the 55R is available now with their 2nd gen 12k weave braking surface. Compatible with tubes or tubeless with two layers of their TPP tape, rims have a claimed weight of 515g and pricing starts at $499 per rim with 20, 24, 28, or 32h drilling. Complete wheelsets are also available with the choice of a number of different hubs, or even your own hubs that you can send to NOX to have built into a complete wheel. Lastly, while the graphics appear white in the photos above, NOX says that the 3M reflective graphics appear black under normal conditions, but reflect bright white when hit with light.


Weight Rim 515g*
Weight I9 Wheelset 1592g**
Weight King R45 Wheelset 1598g**
Weight Onyx Wheelset TBD**
Weight DT 240S Wheelset 1580g**
Weight White Industries T11 Wheelset TBD**
ERD 534
Asymmetric Offset None (symmetric)
Spoke Hole Drilling Angle 6 deg
Max Tension 160 kgf***
Max Pressure 130 psi****
Depth 55mm
Width Wide Version 28mm external, 18mm internal
Braking 10mm high, 12K G2 High Temp
Recommended Tires 25 ideal, 23-28mm ok, 29mm frame clearance required
Frame/Brake Clearance Requirement 29mm
Hole Count 20, 24, 28, 32 (special order)
Tubeless Ready Yes (also works with tubes)
Finish Satin with 12K brake track
Tech Features 12K G2 High Temp Braking, UniWeave™, RockGuard™, Anti-Burp Bump™

*Rim weights are +/- 10g
**Wheel weights are with CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples
***Recommended build tension is 120 kgf
****Use two layers of TPP tape for road applications
Please read the FAQ for other questions.


  1. Geeeez, downhill mountain bike rim weights all in the name of minuscle aero gains.. Come on, isn’t there something else the road equipment makers can BS the paying customers about beside aerodynamics? People, look in the mirror at your non aero muffin tops, check out your Strava and the low average speeds (too slow for aero benefit) and look in your pockets at the snacks, extra apparel and repair kit ruining your slipperiness. Of course if you are ripped, average over 24mph for hours a week, ride with a skin suit and hammer it out with the A group on Saturday, you do know that this aero bs only applies when you take your pulls right? Sitting in for the big sprint finish will net you nothing but a harsh riding pig of a wheel set.

    • Ever use aero wheels in a peloton? Also, most people aren’t always drafting. Aero wheels help everywhere and those rim weights are actually pretty good.
      That said, I’ve always felt aero wheels are for the weak if you aren’t racing.

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