After years of development, Chapter2 Bikes has finally launched their aerodynamic Tere road bike. We saw a sneak peek earlier this year of what was coming, and the final product is now shipping. Their new Tere road bike is inconspicuously aerodynamic and appears to be a standard frame at first glance. After a closer look, the tube shaping starts to stand out. Their aero focused Kamm-Tail tube shapes are found on the headtube, seat tube & post, seat stays and fork. Plus, it’s built with a blend of T700 and T800 grade carbon fiber resulting in a stiff build. Check out the current offerings, prices, and updated geometry chart after the break…


photos c. Chapter2

The Tere is available in three color options relating to each edition. The Essential edition is a matte/gloss black frame (above) that’s a standard option available throughout the year and it’s available in both rim and disc brake options. Their Limited edition color schemes will change every 6-8 months and are available until sold out (hence limited). Today’s limited colors include black/white/aqua [1] and black/white/pink stripe [2]. Brake choices for the first option [1] include rim and disc. The second option [2] is only available in rim brakes. Availability for sizing and brake options will vary. The Tere is compatible with BB86.5 press-fit bottom brackets, and it has an integrated seatpost clamp.

updated geometry chart shows seatpost setback & standover

Each $1,900 frameset includes the fork, seatpost, headset and stem. Weights include 950g [frame – med] : 390g [fork – uncut] : 390g [seatpost] and sizes range from XS – XL. Also, the rim brake version offer clearance for a 25mm tire while the disc option fits a 28mm tire. Speaking of the disc version, it’s equipped with Shimano’s 142 x 12 and 100 x 12 mm thru axles.


  1. VeloKitty on

    The front center distance is way too short. Welcome to Toe Overlap City. Most current frames have this problem, but the toe overlap issue on this one looks particularly bad.

    • Mike on

      Seat angles of 73 degrees, coupled with shorter top tubes is creating that shorter front center and reach. If they want 73 degrees, top tubes should perhaps be longer. Looks like the chart needs to be updated, as the recommended stem length for the Large is 11mm.

    • thedonnydino on

      The Front Centre is not too dissimilar from most other big brands. It appears that they have already slackened the head tube angle to compensate. Otherwise, toe overlap is not a huge issue. To put it in perspective, most bicycle couriers ride around on fixies/track bikes with a tonne of overlap, and get around traffic, pedestrians, etc, with no problem.

  2. VeloKitty on

    I don’t understand the purpose of the short reach. It produces massive toe overlap on people with decent sized feet, and you have to run 140 mm stem. The front center distances should be about 20 mm longer.

    • Eggs Benedict a.k.a Darth Baller on

      If you are using a 140mm stem then you picked the wrong size frame. Go up one or two frame sizes. The top tube lengths stated above for the different frame sizes is pretty standard, as in they are not on the short side.

  3. AK_Ben on

    “Hey, let’s photograph a black bike on a black background, that will really make our product stand out”

  4. Frank on

    Looked on their website. Lots of resin bleed “marbling” on that exposed carbon, so no wonder the frame is heavy. Sign of a cheap frame. But at least the paint job is nice.

  5. TSJ on

    The geometry is a failure. The reach is too short. For an aggressive position you would need a 150 stem. Even for a normal position you would need a 130. And if you go up a size you have a massive head tube so you would need a -17 stem… The geo is designed for upright comfort riding…in which case the target buyer should consider looking at an endurance frame. On a positive note, the paint and price point is appealing.


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