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When exploring new areas you can always buy trail maps and ask questions at a local bike shop, but the best and most efficient way to check out a new trail network is with an experienced local guiding the way.

Two friends from afar who met through mountain biking decided to create an app to make arranging riding trips and finding ride buddies easier, so they’ve created MTBNB. The app hosts a global community of riders who are keen to host people in their local zones and interested in travelling to new areas.

MTBNB is very close to releasing their app, but they’re running a campaign on Indiegogo to fund future app and business development. The campaign could use a little support, and there’s still time to invest if you like this idea…

MTBNB, location search screenshot

Using the app looks pretty simple. After setting up a user profile, you can search for riding buddies in whatever location you’d like to visit. Your search can then be refined by your riding discipline (XC, AM, EH, DH) and skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), ensuring you wind up with suitable ride partners. Your profile can also be linked to Instagram so you can show off photos of your local area and/or previous journeys.

MTBNB, chat room screenshot

Once you’ve found a ride buddy, MTBNB’s chat room allows you to sort out all the trip details. Beyond the membership fee, there is no cost to set up trips or fees paid to ride buddies/hosts. Members can send an unlimited number of messages and organize as many trips as they please. It’s up to you and your host to figure out how any trip expenses will be dealt with.

If you like MTBNB’s concept but you’d prefer not to host travellers in your home, that’s OK- riding buddies have the option to simply recommend bike-friendly accommodations in their area instead.

For travellers who have a few bucks to spend and wish to elevate their experience even further, MTBNB’s network includes professional guides and instructors eager to offer their services. If you are a guide or instructor, this app could prove to be a great tool to boost your business, as people from all over the world have another way to find you and sign up for rides, clinics, etc.

The first version of the app is to be released in July, and funding from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to add more features to the app and expand the business. To get notifications about the trial version’s development, sign up for MTBNB’s newsletter via their website.

MTBNB founders

There will be two ‘Meet the Founders’ rides this summer as well- If you’re near Annecy, France or Vancouver, Canada in August, you could have the chance to enjoy a guided ride with MTBNB’s creators Sebastien Payet (France) or Jonathan Lebon (Canada). Those interested should purchase the $11 USD ‘Ride with Cofounders’ perk on the Indiegogo page to obtain an invitation card. Exact dates are not yet specified.

MTBNB branded shirt, jersey, mudguard
*Images c. MTBNB

For $45 USD Indiegogo supporters can purchase a MTBNB Buddy Kit, which includes a one-year membership plus a T-shirt, mudguard, stickers, newsletter subscription, and a handwritten thanks letter (how nice)! A one-year membership can be purchased without the swag for $20, and long sleeve MTBNB jerseys, T-shirts and mudguards are available separately as well.

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign page here, or go to MTBNB’s website for more info.


    • Hi there
      The membership isn’t mandatory when you sign up.
      You will have 5 free contact/booking before having to buy a membership.

      Hope to see you soon on MTBNB


      MTBNB Co-founder

      • Jonathan, I think you’re missing the point.
        What exactly is the business model here? Is it like Airbnb (which is somewhat implied by the name) where local hosts charge to show users around, and your site takes a %? If so then why the annual membership? If local hosts don’t get a profit what is their incentive?

        Furthermore, I don’t really understand why the indiegogo campaign. For startups like this, normally the initial site/app is fairly simple to put together, and then funding is used for scaling up. I’m not trying to criticize, but the way this is being approached seems fundamentally different than airbnb. If you haven’t already check out the YC + stanford podcast on startups.


        • Hi bsavery

          Thanks for your comment.

          “MTBNB” is for Mountain Bike Buddies. For sure “BNB” also refers to the idea of staying with your riding host. But it has nothing to do with the business model. Airbnb is one of the most valued companies in the world, let’s compare what is comparable.

          About getting a benefit, we don’t believe that mountain bikers have to pay someone to ride with. “Make money” to show trails isn’t in our roots also, except if it’s your job (professional guide or MTB instructor). So locals will not charge to show around, and we’ll not take any %.

          As young entrepreneurs, we directly started MTBNB after our studies. As you may know, starting a business isn’t free (even if a lot of people tend to believe it is) and we don’t have unlimited funds. Developing a web app isn’t simple, and we need to work with external partners, which means additional costs. That’s why this crowdfunding campaign will help us to settle our business and to improve our web app to users feedback quickly.

          Hope that helps


          MTBNB Co-founder

  1. 1. I also like the idea
    2. Seems like you’re far enough along so that you know what you’re doing
    3. If I used it 5 times, I’d pay for the next time. Might take me a while to get to 5 though. Really, I’d probably pay for time number 2 if I found it useful on time number 1. Paying $20 at that point would be a no-brainer.
    4. Would be sweet if you did this for bikes in general. I got luv for both my road and mountain bikes.

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