Team Sunweb Tour de France 2017 Warren Barguil Stage 13 win photo by Cor Vos
courtesy Team Sunweb, photo by Cor Vos

We had a look at the behind the scenes glimpses that team Sunweb’s videos offered at the Giro d’Italia back in May (which weren’t hurt by their own Tom Domoulin winning the overall.) Well, in case you haven’t been following along with the team through the Tour de France, now that the race is wrapped and they have won another two jerseys in France, it’s worth taking another look at their unique perspective. Check out what it meant for the team’s Warren Barguil to ride away in the polka dots of the best climber and Michael Matthews’ green sprinter’s jersey (and four stage wins between the pair), plus a full day with a Grand Tour vet, tactical planning, and much more…

Michael Matthews and Warren Barguil wrap up the Tour de France with their overall green and polka dot jersey wins, plus Tour stage wins along the way.

Sunweb ran the day-in-the-life series at the Giro, and repeated it here at the Tour. This time is was 24 hours with Laurens ten Dam, the team’s Grand Tour veteran with his newest philosophy of  ‘live slow ride fast’ after years of stressing about power and weight numbers.

Of course they also did 24 hours with their jersey winners. Barguil had his day after pulling on the polka dot jersey.

And Aussie Michael Matthews did his own leading up to his first stage win the day after Barguil, when the green jersey was just a dream.

Sunweb’s coaches give a look at the tactical planning that goes into the Tour de France as they talk race prep, even long before the start of the three week Grand Tour.

There’s plenty more to see, with more behind the stage wins and some nutrition, mechanics & soigneurs insight. Check it all out on the team’s YouTube channel for the Tour.



  1. They did not win the Green Jersey but were given it by the organizers after three of the guys that should have been in contention were either kicked out, crashed out or abandoned the race.

    • @BMANX –

      The rules are VERY clear that part of winning the jerseys (all of them, not just green) is to make it all the way to Paris. Sagan and Kittel keep their stage wins, but Matthews easily won the green jersey by winning two stages, taking lots of intermediate sprints, and *actually finishing the Tour*…

      Yes, Kittel and Cavendish are the superior sprinters, and Sagan is probably a more complete rider than Matthews, but not a one of them (maybe Sagan who arguably should not have been DQ’d) would say that Matthews was “given” the jersey.

      • You gotta feel for Matthews, such a complete rider but overlapping careers with one of the best racers ever (Sagan) he gets overshadowed.

    • To finish first, first you must finish. Making it through 21 days and 3500k of riding means anyone who wins any of the jerseys has earned it. Rivals didn’t finish? Not their problem.

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