Floyd's of Leadville rolls out CBD Hemp Oil for non-addictive, non-psychoactive pain relief

There are many jokes that could easily be made here, so for now, we’ll keep to the product. In his time away from professional cycling, Floyd Landis has started his own business based around Cannabis in Leadville, Colorado. Citing a need for opioid free pain relief after a bad crash left him with a hip replacement at age 31, Floyd ultimately found relief from Cannabis. That led him to start Floyd’s of Leadville which prides itself on pesticide-free, high altitude cultivation of the plant, and ultimately the release of their CBD Hemp Oil. The promise is a non-psychoactive, non-addictive way to manage pain and inflammation, without resorting to opioid based pain killers…

Floyd's of Leadville rolls out CBD Hemp Oil for non-addictive, non-psychoactive pain relief
Photos c. Floyd’s of Leadville

Relying on natural hemp oil to provide 20mg of cannabidiol per dose, the product does not include THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive drug found in marijuana. However, the product is not endorsed by WADA due to the fact that there is a potential for a small amount of THC to be accidentally included in the product. The use of hemp based products is outlined here by the USADA, which basically says it is still possible for a positive test for THC when using hemp based products, and to use at your own risk.

Sold in bottles of 30 pills, the suggested dose is one pill per day, or about a month’s supply for $49.95. Floyd’s of Leadville CBD oil can be purchased online with shipping world wide.

Product Features:

  • Daily supplement soft-gel capsule
  • 20 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per serving
  • 480 mg of hemp oil
  • Essential fatty acids (Omega -3, 6, and GLA)
  • Anti-inflammatory and stress formula
  • Relaxing effects
  • No preservatives or additives
  • MSRP: 49.95 (30 servings)



    • Actually I have yet to meet anyone who would say that, and not only do I know tons of people who know him personally, have interviewed him, or been in business with him…I’ve had my own interactions with him that were really very kind and prompt. He’s one of the good guys.

  1. There is virtually zero controls or 3rd party verification of this stuff. It is a risky deal if you have any employment testing or potential sports testing. If it was as powerful as Opioids then I suspect it would be hailed as a miracle. More hemp snakeoil being pitched to justify recreational pot use. .

    • Chase, don’t be a d*ck. There are plenty of studies showing the benefit of CBD oils for all kinds of aliments. Far from Snake oil. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

      • This is my favorite post ever! I can attest that CBD oil stopped my shingles in their tracks, not once, but twice! It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and works wonders on neurological pain.

    • Different pathway to pain relief than opioids and big pharma has boatloads of money on the line with opioids, so of course they don’t want an un-patentable alternative on the market. “qui bono?”

      Miracle? No. There is no such thing as a universal panacea. But the stuff works amazing for many people…and you can’t end up with crippling addiction and overdose risk, so it should be an available alternative.

      You’re spot on regarding the risk with employment and sports testing, but that is only due to the politics of prohibition and the current legal framework. It doesn’t *have* to be a problem.

      Glad Floyd’s peddling some more helpful dope 😉

    • This shouldn’t contain THC, so I am unsure how your body would metabolize it into the compound THC-COOH (the primary drug testing marker used). Maybe it does, who knows. Drug testing for THC metabolites is wrong imo. Active compounds of intoxicating levels, or actual intoxication, fine. Past use…I’ll never get on that police state train.

      Since this doesn’t contain THC, there will be no high. Not sure how that is “[justifying] recreational pot use…”

      As for controls and testing. CO has potency laws. Outside of that, this will be like any other food supplement. More importantly, the reason why controls, testing, and dosage is so important in pharmaceuticals is that dangerous overdose characteristics exist. With this, and even medical marijuana, the side effects are not life threatening or even that severe in the vast majority of cases. That is why controls are not needed beyond the already required potency labels and testing as defined in CO law.

    • Tell that to my friend who’s daughter Charlotte would be dead without it. Her and her husband were picking out tumbstones as their daughter’s was afflected with a disorder that killed kids with it within a year or two. It’s been 7.

      I’ve personally used various CBD products as well as Floyd’s formula as well for 3 years now. For someone who has chronic pain and tried all the perscription drugs available I can tell you CBD oil is real first hand.

    • The whole point of recreational pot use is that it gets you high. This doesn’t. Also, chill out and take a bong rip bruh

    • Pro-pot, pro-cbd oil cyclist of 25 years here, just chiming in to say that the benefits of marijuana and hemp are so overwhelmingly stacked in its favor, strictly before the anterior of the magistrate… …whoa this is some good pot

    • Dear Friend, I can tell you from personal experience that CBD works ; it’s obviously not as strong as an opiod but it’s “pain relief vs addiction” ratio far cry from using prescription drugs and it’s a viable and safe first option for pain relief.

  2. My ex-wife has suffered from addiction to opioids for years after a shoulder injury from carrying 4 and 5 porterhouses to restaurant patrons. If this stuff works, and doesn’t get the user ‘high,’ it’s a miracle in a bottle and well worth the $50 Floyd is asking for. I don’t give two $h!tz what Floyd is like as a person. If this works, it’s a miracle. Pain medicine addiction is as real as the families it tears apart and the communities it subverts. We need to explore solutions, not mock the entrepreneur for being a jerk.

  3. Never take any supplement that isn’t manufactured under cGMP (Good Manufacturing Conditions). cGMP is basically a set of QA/QC guidelines that ensures what a manufacturer says is in the product, is in fact, in the product…in the correct dosages, purity, no contaminants, etc. The cGMP label should be on the bottle….if it is not, you really have no clue what you are taking, if the dosages are correct, if it’s pure with no contaminants, etc etc.

  4. Something for recreational pot users to note: the recreational pot today has much higher concentrations of THC than in the 70s. And the hybridization process that brought about those high levels of THC have also resulted in the near exclusion of CBD. So if you’re smoking pot thinking of getting benefits from CBD you may not be. Also CBD may mitigate some of the negative effects of THC.

    • Here in New Mexico, and up in CO, the CBD and THC levels are clearly labeled on the packaging of every strain sold, along with the testing method used.

  5. pot growers produce under relatively unregulated scheme – there can be serious issues with pesticides, contaminants from processing, fertilizer etc. That said, canabidiols apparently can do some extraordinary things, like prevent epileptic seizures etc.

    • Yes its soooo much better to continue supporting Big Pharma! Why would anyone want to use a natural product instead of manufactured chemicals!

      The medical industry cheats the system to a far greater degree with more repercussions to each of us than Floyd ever did by racing a bike. Get over it.

      • Right, because this stuff naturally grows in a gelatin capsule, all Floyd does is harvest the little berries of goodness from the bush.
        Have a look at the size of the market for unregulated, untested food supplement/vitamin/herbal remedies, then come back and tell us again how ‘big pharma’ is the problem.
        Conspiracy theorists answer me this: if ‘natural remedy x’ really works as well as you think it does, why aren’t ‘big pharma’ purifying it and selling it to make more boatloads of money?

        • Because big pharma can’t. Federal law on marijuana and FDA laws on drugs (single chemical)
          It’ll change. You are already seeing big pharm move to pass laws to outlaw medical marijuana in its current plant form for “safety” all to allow them a monopoly on FDA pure chemical formulations. Ironically, most studies have shown that the combinations of the multiple cannabinoids in natural marijuana work to better effect than synthetic forms and are safer. See marinol, synthetic THC, as one example.

          Pharm companies do a lot of good. But industry has a lot of momentum and change comes slowly in many cases. What big pharm currently does is not the litmus test of what can and should be done.

          • It’s hardly ‘ironic’ that some combinations of multiple chemicals (natural or synthetic) may work better than single chemicals (again natural or synthetic analogues) – that’s pharmacology 101. Sometimes it’s about synergistic effects, other times it’s balancing the side effects profile. Plenty of drugs are sold that are formulations of multiple active ingredients, or only ever used in combination with other drugs – it’s not quite as simple as saying they can’t do it.
            I would certainly never claim that big pharma is a litmus test of what should be done – big pharma is big business, and like most big business is amoral. They exist to make money, end of story. I agree it’s a massive problem that big business can effectively buy your legislature, which is only further compounded by the issues you currently have with the executive arm of government.
            What riles me up about this kind of ‘debate’ is the continual assertions of “natural = better”, “natural = safe”, “big pharma = ineffective, fraudulent & evil” and “anecdote > RCT & FDA approval”. For every natural remedy that works and is safe, there are 100 which are either mostly ineffective or have a side effect profile worse than placebo, another one that is outright dangerous, and 10 that can be harmful if used to treat the wrong condition. Big pharma and small pharma, and university research centres have studied the hell out of every natural remedy known to humanity, looking for angles to profit either monetarily or for public health purposes (which is ultimately a government cost-saving measure as well). Most existing pharmaceuticals are derived from or synthetic analogues of natural substances. Nobody thinks their car would run better on crude oil straight from the ground, so why do they believe that natural remedies would be better for their bodies than the isolated active ingredients?
            Meanwhile people are spending hundreds of billions on vitamins and ‘health food supplements’, ‘natural’ medicine and dietary fads all sold on the basis of objectively fraudulent claims. I’m not claiming there is no evidence cannabidiols work for pain relief, or that Floyd’s product doesn’t work for some of the conditions for which it is sold. But the idea that any product can be either a universal panacea or free of all side effects is simply dumb.

            • 1 – CBD and medical marijuana beneficial effects have been clinically studied. People are ignoring laws to get the product they want instead of waiting for some pharmaceutical that would be unlikely to come give. Federal drug law. What about those children with seizures? Cancer patients needed appetite stimulation? Should they just wait?
              2. Your comment is based on the assertion that all aides need to be in a strong, purified form. Why? Case in point, mint does provide a very minor calming effect for stomach pains. Does that mean if I like mint tea made from leaves that grow in my back yard, I shouldn’t use it and instead look to a chemically pure extract that cost me more money for no gain?
              3. Crude oil, gas metaphor…come on man, that’s a horrible analogy for anyone familiar with chemistry and physiology.

              I don’t really care, but the only time I hear people get bent out of shape with natural remedies are when they are pot derived. I think its a Prohibitionist guise.

  6. I don’t understand where all the fear of these “unregulated” hemp product concerns are coming from.There absolutely are controls and regulations for this industry. I know scientists that work in the field, and products are almost always manufactured in conditions that are much more stringently controlled than almost everything you put in your body on a daily basis. I’d honestly put as much faith in Floyd’s products as I would in the work of the USDA.

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