Last summer we spotted Radon’s newest lightweight Jealous carbon cross-country bike out on the trail before details were released, but this time Radon themselves slipped us a teaser pic (or few). Building off their successful carbon work on the Jealous, German direct to consumer bike maker Radon has an all new lightweight carbon enduro mountain bike waiting camouflaged in the wings. Set to top out their current alloy Slide & Swoop range, the new Jab teases ups with a claimed 10kg complete weight.

Oh, and did we mention Radon are apparently adding an aluminum version of the Jealous and a couple other new aggressive hardtails as well…

Radon Jab carbon enduro mountain bike

Radon Jab lightweight carbon enduro mountain bike camo teaser complete bike

Not much concrete detail is available on the new Jab yet, other than the 10kg/22lb claim. Pretty impressive news for a bike expected to have 160-170mm of travel. And seems not just for show. They’ve got German enduro champ Raphaela Richter slated to race the new bike.

Radon Jab lightweight carbon enduro mountain bike camo teaser angled detail

The bike does get a completely new look vs. anything else we’ve seen from Radon in the past. The Jab features a new kinked toptube design with a small pierced section. It also completely revises the layout of its carbon rocker arm, more inline with the seatstays, with a noticeably hidden main pivot bolt. This Jab features a metric trunnion mount air shock and a ISCG mounted chainguide. It has internal cable routing, including a port that looks placed for either a shock lockout or a Sideswing front derailleur.

Radon Jab lightweight carbon enduro mountain bike camo teaser suspension detail

Otherwise the enduro mountain bike’s design does look to stick with a high pivot Horst link four bar design, again with hidden pivot hardware. It also keeps Radon’s flip chip design at the top of the seatstays to allow riders to adjust geometry a bit. Although, there is a good bit of extra room lurking around that lower shock mount, so we’re not too sure that some more complicated, possibly floating suspension mount might be hiding away in camo?

2018 Hardtail updates

The alloy Jealous will match the geometry of the bike they developed to race the World Cup XC circuit, just bringing it to a more attainable pricepoint. Some other more aggressive hardtails also seem to be in the works. The new Boost will be a pump track & dirt jump shredder, while the Cragger will make its debut as a longer travel trail-ready hardtail.

More news on these and other 2018 bike should be coming soon this autumn.



  1. boom on

    Sorry, but I’m going to raise the BS flag on this. So, to put this into perspective, Trek’s nicest XC full suspension is 22.3lbs/10.14kg for a med. So that means that this is (allegedly) lighter despite a piggyback shock vs a tiny XC unit, a 36 fork vs their lightest 32 StepCast, a 200g heavier wheelset (RF Next R 27.5 vs DT XMC1200 29) and a dropper post vs a carbon rigid one. Yea….no.

    • JNH on

      If Radon’s past form is anything to go by, the 10kg bike will exist, but it will use cotton wall tubular tyres on 20 spoke rims, with the suspension being some air damped drilled out one off from German Answer. It will have also use bars and cranks fromt Tune that are far too small and a saddle that resembles a butterfly knife more than a seat. But it will exist and it will weigh 10.4kg exactly.

  2. Wuffles on

    What a load of horse manure. “Enduro”? No, if you remove the frame entirely, the components required for a proper enduro bike that will actually survive the race add up to more than 10 kg.

    There is a reason that virtually every bike used in the EWS weighs around 14 kg, give or take- anything lighter and you DNF.


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