Light & Motion has a tiny new set of rechargeable Vibe bike lights that aim to take the thought process out of having lights on the bike for improved visibility. The idea grew out of making an easy to use, easy to take with you set of commuting lights that automatically turned on when you started to ride. The result, the Vibe smart lights ditch buttons and instead rely on embedded sensors that when plugged into mounts on the bike are motion activated for safer riding in traffic day or night…

Vibe Pro HL headlight

Besides being button-free, the Vibe series of head and tail lights pack a lot of power, and respectable run times for commuting. The $50 white Vibe Pro HL flashes at 250 lumens during the day for 6hr of visibility and solid for 2hr at 200 lumens at night so you can see where you are going. It uses an ambient light sensor to pick the best mode for visibility, and weighs just 30g.

Vibe Pro TL taillight

Then in the back there are two versions. The red Vibe Pro TL has a strong 100 lumens of flashing taillight power with a 6hr burn time. It will set you back another $60 and weights 30g.

Vibe TL taillight

Or there is the cheaper $40 Vibe TL that cuts it back to 50 lumens, but runs for 12hr at the same 30g weight.

The lights keep it simple with a single flashing pattern called SafePulse that Light & Motion say was developed “based on the Wells Florida Highway Patrol Emergency Lighting Study” to maximize cyclist visibility.

Both head and taillights use the same style of attachment, twisting with a quarter turn to lock into mounts on the bar, seatpost, or clipped to saddle rails. That twist into the mount activates the motion sensors, which turn the lights on as you ride away.

The mounts stay on the bike, and you can simply twist off the lights when you get to your destination to keep them safe (and charge them at your desk.) No cables, they plug directly into a standard USB port, charging in 2hr. All of the electronics (and rechargeable battery) are cast into the Vibe lights’ bodies, so they are completely waterproof.

The Vibe series smart lights each come with one mount and are available direct from Light & Motion now.




  1. Eli on

    So the motion sensor is only active when attached to the mount that is meant to be left on the bike? Wondering how the lights wouldn’t turn on by accident if I put the bike on a trunk rack or in the car

    • IStaredDownTheEclipse on

      I think the use-case for this product is people who commute from their house and not people who transport a bike via vehicle and then ride.

    • Robbie on

      I assume you’d have to take the lights out of the mount and keep them in your pocket, or charge them off of a USB charger on your drive!

    • Joe on

      Seems like they use vibration to turn on or off – so you probably would need to remove from the mount if you have the bike on vehicle rack – or just have extra lighting going down the road. I think the idea is that you never have to worry about forgetting to turn the light on, I mean how many of us seriously think about running lights if just hopping on the bike for a beer run at the corner store? I’m sold

    • Daniel on

      The light is super easy to take of the bike. It is slightly larger than a USB stick – just remove when transporting in a car – 1/4 turn and out – pop it in your pocket.

  2. Dave on

    I just purchased the Vibe Pro tail light…so far the road vibration is not enough to trigger the light to turn on. Still working on it…love the idea.


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