When hardtail frames are your bread and butter, it’s probably only a matter of time before you start thinking about titanium. Until now Chromag has stuck to producing chromoly hardtails exclusively, but it seems even the ‘steel is real’ crowd can’t resist the lure of lightweight, forgiving titanium.

The popular Surface 29/27.5+ all-mountain model was chosen as Chromag’s flagship ti offering. Aimed at those who ride rough terrain, the Surface is designed to fit a 150mm fork and features the brand’s ‘trail-honed’ geometry which keeps it in line with modern enduro/AM trends.

Chromag Surface Ti 2018, front end

The Surface Ti is made entirely from custom-spec 3AL-2.5V titanium tubing and components, including the CNC machined head tube and dropouts (which have a replaceable hanger).

Chromag Surface Ti 2018, BB and seat mast with dropper post routing

The rear end uses a Boost 12x148mm axle, and the 31.6mm seat mast is ported for stealth dropper post routing. Sticking with the tried and true, the bottom bracket is a 73mm threaded type.

Chromag Surface Ti 2018, Yokel yoke close-up

Chromag’s new CNC machined ‘Yokel’ chainstay yoke allows for generous tire clearance: The new Surface can fit up to 27.5×2.8” or 29×2.5” tires. Chromag has refined their yoke into a smaller, asymmetrical design that helps accommodate bigger tires and chainrings while keeping weight down.


  M M/L L XL
REACH 428mm 447mm 473mm 492mm
STACK 653mm 653mm 653mm 653mm

As for geometry, the Surface has constantly evolved over the years to stay up-to-date. The new version features a longer front end, a short rear, plus slack steering and steep seating. To be exact, the head tube angle is 66° and the seatmast sits at 75° (all geometry is calculated with a 150mm fork). The chainstays measure a stubby 425mm on all frame sizes.

Although the size is not specified, Chromag lists the Surface Ti’s frame weight at 4.25lbs. The frame alone will retail for $3100 USD, in sizes M-ML-L-XL.

Chromag Surface Ti 2018, Sram Eagle drivetrain on complete build
*Images C. Chromag Bikes

You can also buy the Surface Ti as a complete bike with a pretty high-end build kit. For $6450 the complete features a Rockshox Pike RC 2-position fork (150/120mm), a Sram X01 Eagle drivetrain, Sram Guide RSC brakes, and a Reverb Stealth 170mm dropper post. Chromag completes the build with some of their own components like a Ranger 40mm stem, 780mm Cutlass carbon handlebar, Trailmaster LTD saddle and Phase 30 wheelset.

Surface Ti frames come in a sandblasted finish with polished logos only. Interested buyers should contact Chromag to place an order. The Ti frames will be available in 2018.



  1. The biggest question is who’s making them. I don’t see the phrase ‘Hand Made in British Columbia’ mentioned on the website, it would be disappointing to find out these are coming from China. Regardless of it’s point of origin it is very, very pretty.

      • No you probably can’t. Secondly most CA and USA Ti builders are too busy making “gravel bikes” to bother making a slacked out mountain bike. So you spend about the same but you wait a year for your bike in the queue and by then the mtb standards have changed….again.

    • For $3.1k it matters, that’s made to measure money. For a company that talks as loudly about it’s Canadian heritage as Chromag does it matters doubly. Why should anyone pay that kind of cash for a bike made in the same place as a Titanium Sonder or Kingdom that costs half as much? Call me a hipster but I like my bikes to have more to their story than ‘made in some factory in Asia, by some guy we never met, that you’ll never see, who’s got no interest in our brand except that we were at the top of his build queu three months ago, but it costs more than the ones made down the road by Kent’ that just doesn’t make me think of a company I want to give my money to.

      • A story? hahaha lol

        Amazing. Do people want a bike to ride that meets the current mtb standard or do they want a $3100 story about how their builder took a year to get their bike even started and after all the running changes ended up being even more expensive. “It’s custom but I don’t ride it because I don’t want to damage it.”

  2. probably Lynskey welded it. Who fitted the components? You don’t fit the washers on sram GXP bb’s on a 73mm shell! It aint shimano! the non drive crank will fall off if you rode this in the field. School boy on a 3100 frame. Hopefully the welding is better than the build. Looks like it would be fun to ride until the crank came off anyway.

  3. I do love my Chromag Rootdown. I wish it was 3-4lbs lighter. Looks like when I tire of this frame it’s Ti cousin will be it’s replacement.

  4. Probably a Lynskey collaboration they made the Thomson one recently and have done Kona in the past. Frame looks good but who ever fitted the components has screwed those cranks! Sram GXP require no spacers on the 73mm shell. (2x on the 68) This person obviously thinks its Shimano, and has fitted one on the non drive side. The crank wont fully but up against the axle and will come loose and fall of during the first ride. (deleted)

  5. For those yammering about the place of origin please note that on Chromags website they list this bike clearly as Made in Taiwan, it’s one of five total vs. FOUR total made in Canada. Who cares?
    All of their bars, stems and saddles are also made in Taiwan and China. Who cares?
    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with a well designed Taiwan frame from a reputable factory where the welders have years and years of experience? Didn’t think so.

  6. I feel like it wouldn’t have seemed as sneaky if it was called the Rootdown TI. Calling it the Surface implies that it’s one of their Canadian made models.

  7. Made in Taiwan, which is totally fine by me. Ordered mine yesterday. February delivery date. The tube sets that most builders can choose from do not bid well for a slacked out free ride hardtail. Call Ian at Chroma and he will explain well why they chose to go over seas. Its not like he doesn’t have one of the best builders ever to consult.

  8. @Sledge: +1, good eyes!

    @Chromag: many of us still insist on single speeds, even if they aren’t still hip like “enduro” or “gravel” bikes.

    Please, pretty please consider making a rootdown / surface w/ SS option?

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