Easton has just uncovered a new lightweight, oversized disc brake road bike hub as part of their new EA90 SL Disc wheelset. Calling the hubset stronger, lighter and more versatile it gets its first ride in the new premium aluminum EA90SL wheelset. But Easton suggested that we should expect to see it popping up in more road disc wheels in the near future for more paved, gravel & dirt riding.

Easton Vault road disc brake hubset

The new hub promises high & fast engagement with a three pawl system (each with two teeth) and a 60 tooth drive ring for quick 6° engagement.

It also gets large sealed bearings & improved seals in the hub body itself, that Easton says better fits with the foul weather & mixed surface road riding that road disc, gravel & cross tend to encounter. The whole things is also easy to service, tool-free so you can keep your wheels spinning smoothly.

Easton Vault hubs oversized road disc brake hubset EA90 SL Disc front hub

The centerlock hubset is also easily adaptable across all axle standards, with the oversized hubshells working with larger axles. That means in the front you can go for QR, 12mm or 15mm thru-axles with tool-free endcaps. And in the back you have the option of QR or 12x142mm.

Easton Vault hubs oversized road disc brake hubset EA90 SL Disc rear hub

The oversized shell also means improved rear wheel torsional & lateral stiffness for more efficient power transfer. It also helped Easton build the wheels with straight-pull equal-length spokes for easier servicing & good durability. And of course it all comes out lighter, supposedly trimming 48g off the previous M1 hubset used in disc brake wheels.

EA90 SL Disc road wheels

updated Easton EA90 SL Disc centerlock road disc brake aluminum wheels fast engagement oversized Vault hubs

The new hubs are first available in the newly updated centerlock Easton EA90 SL Disc road wheels. The $900 aluminum tubeless clincher wheelset weighs 1537g, with a 19.5mm internal/24mm external, 27mm deep welded alloy rim. It gets built up on the new Vault Disc hubs with 24 three cross straight-pull double butted Sapim spokes & alloy nipples, both front & rear. Curiously, the new wheels only shed a claimed 3g over the 6-bolt M1 hub version, even with the claimed lighter Vault hubs and an otherwise identical build setup.



  1. Joey B on

    Hmmm. The two larger photos actually look like a carbon rim with gloss black decals. Either way, a great road and gravel disc wheel set.

      • Chad on

        Easton/RF’s finish on their alloy wheels is actually really nice. I’ve had a few easton mtb rims and all looked excellent and were occasionally mistaken for carbon rims.

      • Joey B on

        Not implying the EA is carbon. I own the those EA Disc rims. The two pics with gloss black decals do not appear to be EA. They may be the future release of the EC 90 SL Disc.

  2. Kernel Flickitov on

    I see Eason still hasn’t figured out how to make a proper disc brake rim. There’s still a brake track there for rim brakes and all their doing is anodizing over it. How utterly lame.

  3. NickD on

    Kernel the brake track is machined down from the rim brake wheel, but there is still a small bump but not as big as the standard rim brake rim.


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