As drop bar bikes become more tempting for offroad adventures, new technology, such as dropper posts, become more desirable. Wolf Tooth Components is responding to this demand with their ReMote 31.8. It provides adventure and cross riders with another remote alternative for their cockpit, and its versatility amongst cable actuated dropper posts is an added benefit.

Wolf Tooth Components dropper seatpost ReMote 31.8

photo c. Wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote

The ReMote 31.8 is available in two versions including a standard and light action lever, and both are made from 6061 T6 aluminum. It simplifies upkeep by clamping the cable at the bar instead of the post, and their Cable-Kind clamp design avoids damaging the cable ends and allows them to be trimmed prior to securing. A barrel adjuster offers on the go cable tension management while their High-Traction lever adds grip when conditions are less than ideal. Also, the lever sits closely beneath the bar making it easy to reach.

The ReMote is fairly modular and is designed to be rebuilt after an unlucky crash. A $5 Breakaway Axle works similar to a derailleur hanger in how it’ll fail before the lever does. This should keep the $70 component running even after a few thrashings. Wrapping it up is a 21-mm sealed bearing that’ll hopefully keep the lever running smoothly while adding another easily reparable piece.


  1. Michael Kay on

    Ive been running a Novyparts lever and reverb on my cross bike in the same location for the last couple of years, its not ideal but you get used to it. I like the peterverdone solution above.


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