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White Industries has expanded their narrow-wide direct mount chainring collection to fit their square taper cranksets. Those cranks use a smaller diameter mount than the rings on the 30mm spindle versions, which already had narrow-wide rings available.

White Industries narrow wide direct mount chainrings for square taper bottom bracket cranksets

They also have a new lock ring for square taper cranks that adds a standard BB / Centerlock tool interface around their existing three-notch setup.

white industries stealth black headset

white industries stealth black headset

White Industries surprised everyone by introducing headsets at NAHBS this year, and now they’ve added a Stealth Black option. Check the full lineup of sizes and options in this post.

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  1. Joey B on

    Love White Industries! They some of these hubs out there and now add head sets to that list. Stealth black is sweet! That’s a good photo but it looked even better in person.

  2. Michael on

    I really appreciate the craftsmanship of white industry products…but if an individual has $240+ to shell out on an upscale square taper crankset I’d have to imagine they’d first look into spending the same amount on a crankset with a modern BB. A GX Eagle crankset, for example, retails for $120 and is 25 grams lighter (for those who count).

  3. nick on

    I ride my commuter bike in rain, snow etc..year round. Minimal maintenance except oil on chain. Ride my MTB on weekends and maintain it very well. My commuter bike has a square BB, I change it every ~10000km. My mountain bike has a “modern” BB, I change the bearings every year. Go figure…

    • Frank on

      This is my experience as well. High quality square taper BBs will outperform modern, mass-produced equivalents every time. Especially if they’re BB30 ……..


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