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Rotec is one of those names that if you’ve been around the gravity side of things enough, you surely know it. Or at least have heard of it. Their DH bikes were legendary back in the day, and durable enough that many are still running laps today.

In 2001, John Sullivan bought the company and has been running with small changes to their flagship Lawill DH bike. But after regrouping in 2016, big changes were on the way. This year at Interbike, we got a first look at the new Revo trail bike which hints at where at least part of Rotec’s business is headed for the coming year. The carbon frame is about a mount out and offers 4.3″ of travel, Boost spacing, a simple single pivot suspension design, and tapered head tube. We’re also told that a more Rotec-esque Revo X carbon is in the works which will essentially be an enduro focused carbon bike with the Lawill Link suspension with 6.5″ of travel.

As part of their continuous evolution of the Rotec Nine DH bike, the newest version will have the option to run both 27.5 and 29″ wheels and tires. The dropout plate will have two different positions for the rear axle depending on the wheel size, and the floating brake mount is already shown with two different mounting positions. The frame will also feature improvements in the design for ease of manufacturing and fewer pieces to the whole frame which may make it a little lighter as well. Running 8.83″ of travel and 150mm spacing at the rear, Rotec says that tooling is completed and the frame should be available sometime next year for $2800 with a Jade shock.

Available now, is their Revert 5.0 which is a 4″ or 5″ travel play bike. Able to run both 26 and 27.5″ wheels with adjustable dropouts, the frame is dropper compatible, runs 142 x 12mm rear spacing, a 66º head tube angle, internal cable routing, and offers single speed use without the need for a tensioner or guide since the suspension pivots around the BB. Made from hydroformed 6061 aluminum, the bike is meant for aggressive park/slopestyle riding, and is offered in a medium or large frame for $1499 without a shock, or $1799 with a DVO Topaz Air.

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  1. Lawill DH bikes have always been sweet when done well. Yeti DH-8 was successful, the DH-12 was bottomless over huge to-flats. Just made the fork of the day feel like it was overworked on runs. Nice to see the design coming back for bicycles.

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