We first spotted Deda Elementi’s new integrated Alanera road handlebar+stem combo on T°Red bike’s tribute to Deda’s managing director. But that’s not the only new bar from the Italian component maker, with a couple of 35mm standard bars (& a stem). Deda have even added an entirely new pair of SL tubeless carbon clincher wheels for either rim or disc brakes, among other new kit.

Deda Alanera integrated carbon aero road handlebar & stem

For sure the most interesting looking bit of new kit that Deda had to show was this new sleek, angular integrated carbon aero road handlebar+stem combo. Previewed to us on this TRed crit bike the bar uses a smooth bend, but compact shape of short 75mm reach & shallow 130mm drop that Deda calls RHM (Rapid Hand Movement) so riders can choose from a wide range of hand positions.

The 350g Alanera (in 110x420mm) is all about sleek aero integration and gets a wide flat top that Deda says is fast in the wind, while also offering a comfortable place to rest your hands (or even forearms when getting low.) The bar offers internal routing for cables and wiring in the bar and exiting ahead of the stem, including Shimano’s new bar end junction box.

The Alanera even neatly integrates an out-front computer mount compatible with Garmin small & medium sized head units (excluding the 1000 series.) Designed for an aero setup, the bar has special tapers and guide lines to help wrap just the drops, leaving the top uncovered.

The underside of the bar has a modular cover if you don’t run the included Garmin mount, as well as a direct mounting point to install an earlier style Di2 or EPS junction box. The bar also includes its own aero spacers to extend the slippery shape of the bar & stem down to your frame. It even gets an aero stem cap to carry those lines through up top.

The full UD carbon Alanera is available in 9 different size combinations, mixing 3 widths with 5 stem lengths – 90×420, 100×420, 110×420, 110×440, 120×420, 120×440, 120×460, 130×44, 130×460 (all in mm, widths measured outside to outside).

Deda Superleggera 35 carbon road handlebar & Trentacinque alloy stem

Deda is a believer in the lighter & stiffer is better mantra of 35mm diameter road bars. So they have taken their light carbon bar and stretched it out into the new Superleggera 35. With the same RHM shape as the Alanera, this new carbon road handlebar comes in at just 180g (42cm). Again Deda measures the bars outside-to-outside, with 42, 44 & 46cm versions available.

Of course a 35mm bar needs a matching stem, so Deda has the new forged 2014 aluminum Trentacinque alloy stem. It weighs 136g (110mm) and comes in 90-140mm lengths with a 40mm clamp height, four forward-facing face plate  & two 1.125″ steerer clamping titanium bolts.

Deda M35 Alloy aluminum road handlebar

If you want to stick with aluminum for your road drops, the M35 Alloy bar will mate to the Trentacinque stem. At 278g (42cm) the triple butted 7050 bar gets the same shaping and sizes of its carbon sibling, presumably at a much lower cost while delivering the same oversized stiffness.

Deda also has a newly updated aluminum Zero 100 family of bars & stems. The shaping & overall designs remain almost the same as the previous generation Zero cockpit, but new aluminum alloys and more butting result in noticeable weight drops across the line, plus more bar shape options, including RHM, Shallow, Deep & Anatomic.

Deda SL38C tubeless carbon clincher rim brake road wheels

Deda’s SL family carbon tubular wheels got an overhaul last year to bring them up to speed with 25mm racing tubulars. Now the clinchers get updated as well with a new tubeless ready profile. Designed to be a versatile set of road wheels, the new 1500g SL38 carbon clincher gets a 38mm deep full carbon rim with a 26mm outside width and hooked bead. The same SL hubs carry over from the tubulars, with 2:1 rear lacing and Enduro ceramic bearings.

Deda SL30DB tubeless carbon clincher disc brake road wheels

Deda developed the corresponding tubeless ready SL30DB carbon clinchers to be a similar all-round wheelset for the growing road disc brake crowd. The disc wheels get their own unique full carbon rim, minus a brake track. The disc brake wheels have a more shallow 30mm deep profile, and curiously are a shade more narrow at 25mm outside. It is possible that the inner widths are close to the same, as both wheels recommend the same minimum 25mm tire size, and of course the disc rim doesn’t need quite as much material at the bead since it does not have to accommodate braking pressures or heat build-up.

The disc wheels use an asymmetric rim profile to help equalize spoke tension with the asymmetric hub flanges, and 24 spokes front & rear. The 1480g centerlock SL30DB wheels employ a new SL Disc hubset. They feature Enduro ceramic bearings, and have 12mm thru-axles, but can be converted to QRs.



  1. if you’re going to live with the compromise of an “aero” bar, shouldn’t it at least be aero? I guess the upside is that it won’t show on radar, what with all the stealth features etc.

    • Hahaha, indeed. A square kamm-tail sure, but not a square front! Looks cool though. I wonder…its possible that it has better aero characteristics than a round bar, but no way its as good as real aero profile. I doubt they put it through a wind tunnel.

      • No, you guys are missing the point. It is flat on top, and then the flatish front face is actually angled back toward the underside of the bar, to create an inverted airplane wing type profile. It is “aero” because it is aerodynamically designed to create negative lift and improve cornering and braking traction. 😉

  2. Wish they did it in a 40cm out-to-out……isn’t everyone riding narrower bars these days?

    The zeros are available in 40cm width…….. fingers crossed for the future

    • Yup, I run a 140 stem, they obviously don’t make one. If I went down to a 130, I’d need to live with a 44cm bar when I prefer a 42 so I’d be compromising everywhere.

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