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Trying to regain their top step on the podium of clipless pedals, Time had a few new projects to show at Interbike this year. To me, the most interesting of the two had to be their new Speciale 12 Enduro pedal. For years Time’s ATAC (Auto Tension Adjust Concept) pedals were the pedals to have. Times change though, so Time’s pedals are also changing.

IB17: Time to take on Enduro with Speciale ATAC pedal, plus new XPRO Aero Road pedals IB17: Time to take on Enduro with Speciale ATAC pedal, plus new XPRO Aero Road pedals

The newest addition to the ATAC line sheds the composite body in favor of an all aluminum platform with a longer and thinner profile. Going back to the more squared off springs, the pedals have adjustable spring tension via the small allen screw on each side, and 8 traction pins (4 per side). Claimed weight is 202g per pedal, and they’ll be offered in red, blue, and grey with a hollow steel spindle for a retail of $350.

IB17: Time to take on Enduro with Speciale ATAC pedal, plus new XPRO Aero Road pedals IB17: Time to take on Enduro with Speciale ATAC pedal, plus new XPRO Aero Road pedals IB17: Time to take on Enduro with Speciale ATAC pedal, plus new XPRO Aero Road pedals

On the road side, Time is expanding the Xpresso range with their new XPRO aero pedal. Offering a wider platform with an aerodynamic cover on the bottom, the pedals are a logical step forward for riders looking for every advantage possible. Using the same iClic cleat system, the pedals will be available in the flagship XPRO 15 with a hollow titanium spindle, carbon body, and CeramicSpeed bearings at 88g per pedal and $600, the XPRO 12 with a carbon body and titanium spindle for 94g a pedal and $400 price tag, and the more affordable $250 XPRO 10 with a carbon body and hollow stainless steel spindle at 113g per pedal.

All new pedals should be available this Fall.

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  1. So I thought “ATAC” was a non-adjustable “automatic tension adjust system” and that the 2.5mm Allen adjusted the amount of resistance on the “float” rather than the spring tension.

  2. Awesome! It’s a bout “time” that Time did a lightweight pinned clip pedal. I’ve ridden Times since ’95. Maintenance free and bulletproof. No reason to ride anything else.

  3. Times really are great in muddy conditions. I remember switching from an SPD knockoff to green ATACs in 1996 and being amazed by how much better they work in muddy conditions. ATACs do have an Achilles heel, though: their cleats are made of brass, which is much softer than the hard steel of SPD cleats. Ride for awhile with ATACs, especially if you pedal a really round stroke, and play between the cleats and the ATACs’ retention bars begins to appear. And ATAC cleats are not cheap.

  4. Oh hell yes. I love how the ATAC mechanism works, but I keep breaking those crappy plastic bodies so I’ve moved onto other pedals. This looks fantastic!

  5. Iunno man. I have cx8 and cx12 pedals and i just dont know hiw it can be any better… Ppl just like to buy new stuff.
    They re..
    – Very, very light
    – Stiffer than you
    – Shed muds better than even egg beaters
    – Last forever. Stronger tham bushes. Tested. A lot.
    – Clips easy
    – Works for gravel, endurance xc, trail, enduro alike

    Theyre just not super well know for some reason. Anyone who tries forgets about spds.

  6. I just tried the MX-10s….I’ve been running Times since….1996 or so. I found that the cage on the 10s was too big and exacerbated my pedal striking new ‘low/low/slack’ bike, so I went back to the XCs and a lot less problems. This might be interesting to try…but probably not for $350.

  7. ‘For years ATAC was THE pedal to have, but things change…’

    the main thing that changed was Time’s quality. I still have 2 pair of mid-2000s ATACs kicking around; you’d be hard pressed to find someone who had problems with them. Fast forward to the current ATAC XC and it seems like they’re following Crank Bros model, where you have to have a backup pair and are on a first name basis with a warranty guy.

    I like the look of these, and I really hope Time can get their act together again. But the asking price is over 10 times what I paid for my SPDs…

    • there were some problems on first batches of xc line pedal. But i have XC8 for 5 years and countless km no problems. best mtb pedals.

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