podcast about how floyds of leadville founder and entrepreneur floyd landis launched his hemp CBD oil company

As most cyclists know Floyd Landis won the 2006 Tour de France. Seventy two hours later, he was stripped of that title, then spent years fighting doping allegations in the courts at a huge emotional and financial cost. Fast forward 10 years and he’s shrugged it all off to launch Floyd’s of Leadville, a hemp-product brand of capsules, tinctures and other products that eschew THC for the legal ingredient CBD oil. It’s a far more expensive ingredient, but it’s legal in all 50 states, and believers say it provides all of the pain relief benefits of smoking marijuana (or more, even) without getting you high. As the medical establishment creeps all-too-slowly toward this natural alternative to addictive opioids, entrepreneurs like Floyd are pushing forward with their own products.

Besides being a cyclist, my interest here is how he bounced back from a very dark time, something any entrepreneur might experience after failing at a first business attempt. And how he’s moving forward in a progressive if not questionable industry that’s heavy on regulation. What made him want to launch a “marijuana” business? It’s all here in this amazing interview with former pro cyclist Floyd Landis!

For full show notes, links and more photos, read the full blog post on The Build Cycle!


    • well who the hell else would the pic be of…..You should search for pix of dave zabriskie nowadays. he’s a partner with floyd in this new weed business…..

    • I think you’ll find most retired pro athletes are considerably heavier than even amateurs. One, their bodies metabolisms are conditioned to essentially unsustainable activity levels. Two, most relax in retirement. It was a job to many of them. They may enjoy cycling but may not want to be in the saddle for hours on end.

      • “One, their bodies metabolisms are conditioned to essentially unsustainable activity levels”

        Care to share the “science”(?) behind this statement with the rest of us who work at maintaining a healthy body weight by moderation & exercise ?

        • I am sorry sir, but start getting into elite pro tour and even USPRO level and you will see multiple cases of anorexic bodies. This is understood and a very known factor of power to weight ratio. This is a sacrifice that many people will take and needs to be monitored properly to have a positive change to maintain winning goals. However, this is not always simple to keep once you become a normal person. You don’t even want to know the amount of volume these athletes go through, keep your healthy practices, they are good but no where near similar to any elite athlete. Let’s be real here, its unhealthy to push to extreme limits for ever. That is nothing like using the words moderation and maintaining.

  1. Correct me if i’m wrong, but haven’t multiple studies shown that cannabis consumption reduces the body’s healing rate? Therefore these would infact make recovery time longer…

    • People that suffer from chronic pain aren’t in pain because they haven’t healed yet. Even in the case wherein pain is the result of some injury or procedure, short term analgesia can be appropriate even if the downside is reduced healing time.

  2. You should promote the podcast on here more it’s a fantastic and insightful show very helpful for someone looking to get into the cycling industry.

    • Awesome, thanks for listening! I completely missed posting about the last episode with the founder of BOA, so check that out for sure. I don’t post all of them on Bikerumor because not all are cycling brands, trying not to mix things up too much, but glad you’re enjoying them!

    • Id also like to hear Floyd really let loose with some stories from the past vs the PC stuff he puts up. This is a guy who can let loose but doesnt for some weird reason. I still havent forgiven him for driving over an OCLV to get a new one. That is just not on!

    • 30kg! That’s hilarious! I think it’s funny when people look at picture and immediately think they know something about the health of the person in the picture.

  3. He put that dark time behind him…except for that whole thing where he’s still hoping to get ~$30 million from Armstrong. I don’t really care, but let’s not pretend he is some angelic entrepreneur now. He said still got a lot riding on the past (no pun intended).

    • And everyone should frankly be appalled at that. Not to be political, but marijuana policy is one area where the majority of Americans strongly agree tha currently policy is poor, if not flat out wrong. And yet we see nothing.

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