Lately, it seems that the discussion surrounding AI or Artificial Intelligence includes ominous warnings about the end of the world as the machines become self aware. Or, it could simply lead to smarter, safer lights for cycling. If we had to choose, we’d definitely go for the latter.

Continuing their quest for the smartest and best featured bike light, See.Sense is back again – this time with the ACE.

Using a CoB (Chip on Board) LED design, the ACE packs 125 lumens (rear, 150 lumens for the front) into a smaller and lighter package, weighing in at just 35g. The light has a ton of features, many of which are controlled through the free smartphone app which allows you to take advantage of the improved theft alert system, crash alert system, and custom flash patterns.

Where the AI comes in to play though, is out on the road. Rather than just flashing or even reacting to your speed for a brake light function, the ACE has built in tech that supposedly adapts to your riding style. It also knows when you’re at an intersection, going through a roundabout, merging through traffic, or when cars’ headlights are approaching, and it alters the flash pattern to gain drivers’ attention.

USB rechargeable, the light should top off in about two hours and be good for up to 10 hours of run time thanks to the reactive flash patterns. It’s also ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible to connect with your phone or Garmin so that the light automatically powers on once you start your Garmin for a ride.

Like their past two light offerings, the ACE will first be available through Kickstarter – and already a very well funded campaign with over $150,000 pledged so far. Available in single rear lights or a set of front and rear, the best deals are already gone, but there are still Early Bird lights available for about $33 for the rear, or $58 for the set with lights expected to be delivered by June 2018.


  1. James on

    Perhaps I am being overly simplistic- but I can’t tell the difference between all the smart flashing modes??? I think if you have 150lm flashing, it should be enough to warn vehicles- regardless of the pattern. All the other features I just don’t think I would use- including a separate app. I already have to charge 5-6 Micro-USB commuting devices- extra apps won’t help my life. That being said- they attach easily and look bright- that is probably worth the $58

  2. ascarlarkinyar on

    A smart light? But all I need from a light is “on”. Maybe on off on off. Yes runtime and weight are good, but…. just have others see me. That’s all. The brake function might be good for beginner group rides. Maybe, or just cause pileup panic stops behind them like in freeway drivers.

  3. Nick ET on

    As someone who has the See.Sense Icon+, I can say the the one major downside is that the front light does not function like a headlamp. With that said, I really like that the light reacts to the road. When I hit bumps in the road, when I slow down or take off, or a light shines on my lights, the flash pattern will speed up. This light has a feature mine doesnt, and that’s the brake feature and the auto phone connection. (I hope they add it to the icon+ update soon). Overall I’ve been happy with these lights, they kept me alive when I was biking through the city of Chiang Mai Thailand for nearly a year.


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