For the second time this year, Backcountry Lineline and the 139 Fund are teaming up for a giveaway fundraiser with some awesome prizes. Between the 139 Fund which was created in memory of mountain biker Will Olson, and Backcountry Lifeline which aims to educate individuals and organizations so that they’re prepared for first aid emergencies while out riding, the team is all about making mountain biking safer. And with the possibility of e-bikes allowing less skilled riders to get out farther into the backcountry, BCLL feels that it’s more important than ever that more people are ready to assist in an emergency.

Win a Specialized Turbo Levo and more by supporting the 139 Fund and Backcountry Lifeline Win a Specialized Turbo Levo and more by supporting the 139 Fund and Backcountry Lifeline

The point of the fundraiser is to provide BCLL with the funds they need to continue their mission. From single day every day first aid courses to four day intensive backcountry classes, BCLL is helping to make sure we all have a fun and safe time in the woods.

Partnering with Specialized for the grand prize of a Turbo Levo Comp, there are also a bunch of prizes from Maxxis, Yeti, Smith, Osprey and POC. Each donation to the 139 Fund gets you an entry into the drawing with donations starting at $10. Winners will be chosen through at noon on December 11th, so get in your donations before the contest closes on December 10th, 2017 at 12:00AM (MST). Checkout the BCLL site for more details.

First​ ​Prize:

  • Specialized​ ​Turbo​ ​Levo​ ​Comp
  • Maxxis​ ​Tire​ ​Sets
  • Osprey​ ​Riding/Travel​ ​Kit​ ​(Riding​ ​Pack,​ ​Travel​ ​pack,​ ​Gear​ ​Tote)
  • Smith​ ​ForeFront​ ​Helmet
  • Modus​ ​Operandi/Pinch​ ​Flat​ ​Fanny​ ​Pack​ ​First​ ​Aid​ ​Kit

Second​ ​Prize:

  • Maxxis​ ​Tire​ ​Set
  • Osprey​ ​Travel​ ​Kit​ ​(​ ​Pack,​ ​Travel​ ​pack,​ ​Gear​ ​Tote)
  • Smith​ ​Arena​ ​Glasses
  • Modus​ ​Operandi/Pinch​ ​Flat​ ​Fanny​ ​Pack​ ​First​ ​Aid​ ​Kit

Third​ ​Prize:

  • Maxxis​ ​Tire​ ​Set
  • POC​ ​Spine​ ​VPD​ ​Air​ ​Backpack
  • Modus​ ​Operandi/Pinch​ ​Flat​ ​Fanny​ ​Pack​ ​First​ ​Aid​ ​Kit


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