Rapha’s kit has always attempted to represent a nexus of form + function. The same can probably be said of Canyon bikes, although maybe at more of a pricing value. Not long ago the two companies joined creative forces, and now have announced a super limited edition Ultimate CF SLX Aero road bike wrapped in an exclusive and striking Rapha Cycling Club livery.

Available only by invitation to Rapha Cycling Club members, each of the 50 hand-painted frames will wear the owner’s personal RCC member number and chapter logo. The gray-black fade paint is accented with Rapha pink in keeping with the club’s own personalized line of riding gear.

Rapha x Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero road bike

Rapha and Canyon Bicycles announce limited edition and invite only Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero
courtesy Rapha

When deciding on a graphic scheme and build plan, Rapha’s designers said, “It was a case of looking at the bike as a whole and working with the lines Canyon have designed; bringing out the craftsmanship and engineering that have created such ground-breaking technology.”

Rapha and Canyon Bicycles announce limited edition and invite only Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero

The foundation for the build is Canyon’s Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero frameset. Using the brand’s Sport Pro geometry, it was developed for aerodynamic efficiency while racing, yet comfortable enough for long days in the saddle with other RCC members on their weekly club rides.

Rapha and Canyon released limited edition project bike

Rolling on Zipp NSW 404 carbon clinchers, its drivetrain builds around SRAM’s top road kit. The wireless Red eTap groupset accentuates the bike’s clean lines and delivers crisp shifting that can be fine tuned to the rider’s preferences. Available in seven sizes, the RCC Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero clocks in at UCI-illegal 6.35kg/14.0lb. The bike has a retail of €7,000, not including the annual RCC membership fee.

Rapha and Canyon released limited edition project bike

Rapha and Canyon release joint bike project

Rapha.cc & Canyon.com


  1. Why is it this manufacturer can put out such a nice looking bike that is well thought out and at a lower price point – all the while supporting the industry by sponsoring racing teams.

    Well done Canyon.

    • I don’t think they are much cheaper and I would certainly not say they support a industry as they sponsor race teams with the goal to get more people to buy their products. So they really support themselves

    • Canyon is just another mail order brand like kooka was, like nukeproof was, like proflex was, like girvin was, like amp research was, the list could go on. Mountain bikers know this world well.. apparently roadies haven’t figured it out. I don’t think their bikes are all that appealing. Typical Taiwanese frames except they forgot to hire somebody who could do a decent paint job. Worse 500$ of savings you get from buying their mail order bike is because they cut out bike shops.

  2. who would pay 6000 for what looks like a clubhouse rental bike?

    pink letters and color fade are two trends that will not age well.

  3. Rapha is to cycling what windsurfing was to surfing in the 80’s – their customers will soon move on to the next, more fashionable sport…

  4. Wal-mart teams up with direct-to-market bike manufacturer to sell 50 €6000 bikes for €7000 each to a club of pretentious coffee drinkers.

  5. Lot of hate for Rapha (as per usual) and like most I was once bewildered at just what the brand stood/stands for. However, unlike most I never felt the need to make derogatory comments about something so meaningless regardless of brand I mean, why the hell get so riled about cycle clothing or a bike for that matter? I’d rather focus my rage at our failing health service, government bodies or decline in education. Real issues.
    That being said, I eventually got around to ‘trying’ a few pieces of Rapha kit. And yeah, now I get it, their Brevet jersey is probably one of the best thought out jerseys I’ve ever owned. I didn’t buy simply for the name and maybe wouldn’t have purchased at all only for that test kit. Call me pretentious, a cycling snob or whatever other base level derivative you can think of but I for one am sold…

    • agreed @breathevelo… before I looked into Rapha,
      I thought all cycling apparel was the same and
      over-priced. I know there are other reputable
      brands along the lines of Rapha, but after buying
      a brevet jersey, you really get what you pay for…
      best kit I’ve ever bought (on-sale of course) and will
      buy Rapha going forward.

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