Just because your frame has moved onto modern standards doesn’t mean you have to give up classic looks – or durability. Continuing their habit of combining timeless looks with precision manufacturing, PAUL Components is also adding modern standards to the list with their newest run of hubs.


Boost is the WORD for new Single Speed hubs from PAUL

Keeping with the design of the current WORD (Wacky One-speed Rear Device) hubs, the new WORD Boost hubs have simply been widened to accept the new Boost 148 x 12 and 110 x 15mm hub spacings. Along with the increased OLD (Over Locknut Dimension), the hubs have increased flange spacing for wider spoke bracing angles to build a stiffer, stronger wheel.

Boost is the WORD for new Single Speed hubs from PAUL

As always, the hubs are machined from 6061 alloy in Chico, CA and feature a 7075 alloy axle that extends from dropout to dropout the the ultimate in hub stiffness. The rear hub features a threaded mount for BMX style freewheels, and a classic 6-bolt rotor mount.

Available in 32h drillings for front or rear, the claimed weights are 217g for the Boost Disc WORD rear and 180g for the front Boost Disc FHUB. Boost Disc WORD hubs sell for $182 for black or silver or $188 for the polished version, while the matching front FHUBs are priced at $167/$173. Available now.



  1. I have some sexy polished Pauls laced up to sexy polished Blunt SSs. I don’t have a bike that fits them anymore so I use them to check my hair and if anything’s stuck in my teeth.

  2. Just to clarify for anyone wanting to run a 13t freewheel; these are NOT threaded for bmx (i.e. 30×1) freewheels. They are the vastly more common ISO 1.375 x 24 tpi threading. Not that you’d dare put anything other than a White Industries freewheel on there…

  3. seems really expensive for essentially a front hub with space for a cog. oh wait, that paul guys name is on there. That must mean you have to be a DB to buy and use them so the price seems right.

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