If you’ve been on the fence about carbon wheels, Race Face might have the answer with their new Carbon Confidence Guarantee. We certainty haven’t needed it after a season on the Rally R carbon wheels, but if we did manage to somehow crack a rim it looks like the new program would cover it.

Available to anyone who purchases a set of carbon Race Face wheels from a Race Face dealer, the Guarantee will cover them for two years – no matter how they get damaged. That covers the complete wheel down to the rim, spokes, hub, and even bearings.

Race Face keeps you rolling in confidence with new Carbon Wheel Guarantee

Race Face keeps you rolling in confidence with new Carbon Wheel Guarantee

We’ve been smashing the Next R component group since Sea Otter, and so far there’s been absolutely no need for the guarantee. There have certainly been a few heavy strikes to the wheels with a few nicking the graphics, but other than that they have remained impressively solid. The same can be said for the crankset and the handlebar- though I did chop the bar down to a more manageable 780mm from 800mm. Even without crank boots, the carbon arms are still in good shape giving the impression of a complete group that is probably overbuilt for most riders.

The result is a carbon component group that is comfortingly durable for even the toughest rides, made even better with the new Carbon Confidence Guarantee for the carbon wheels.

Check out the Next R group for the fine print, and the first post on the Next R group for more.



  1. Make a big shout and media hoo-ha, get lots of people thinking your rad and service top notich. then i bet they will quietly drop it and ride the wave of people thinking they are great, a bit like lifetime warranties…

  2. Easton did this with their Haven Carbon, not new news…wait a minnit, Easton is virtually gone…that dint work, now did it? Nice try Race Faceston

  3. Race Face is such a conflicting company for me. Their service has mostly always treated me well and they try and support new standards quickly. But their products are such a gamble. The quality of materials and production is usually top notch, but the designs and longevity can be terrible.

    In most cases a 2-year warranty is them betting on 2 seasons of ridding, not year-round. So in reality if they believed in their wheels this would be a 4 year warranty. In what world am I suppose to buy a new set of carbon wheels every two seasons of ridding. A tire lasts 2 seasons…..

  4. So, I bought a cheap-a$$ set of carbon cyclocross clinchers and was having trouble airing them up tubeless. Lent them to a buddy, who promptly placed them BEHIND his roomates dually truck. Roomate backed OVER the cheap-a$$ Chinese clinchers. Both rear dually wheels attempted to flatten my cheap Carbon clinchers.

    …the clinchers are still true. He scratched the carbon a bit, but there are no cracks. Wheel aired up promptly post-backover. Or rollover. Or whatever it is that dumba$$ did. That being said, RaceFace is a great company, and their products have always been pretty sweet, but this guarantee is nonsensical.

  5. They can start to take care about the warranty problem with carbon cranks. In my chase they just stop answer my emails… It´s easy to solve the problem that way when customer is in europé and they in the US.

  6. Carbon is cheap and easy to produce. As common, if not more common these days to alloy. Yet it still commands a premium price. But step behind the curtain and the truth is revealed. Cyclist are suckers for carbon. I have set of “name redacted because i hate myself for spending that much!” expensive rims. The kind that make other riders envious…… And a set of “cheap from china” replicas at 1/8 the cost. I had the replicas built per my spec based on the more expensive set. The result is the wheels are identical and I abuse the replicas like crazy. Three years hard racing has visually taken a toll but they are true as the day they arrived.

  7. Warranty is not the same as a Guarantee. A warranty covers manufacturing defects, so if you damage the wheel you will still need to pay to have it fixed. This is saying for whatever reason if the wheel is not ridable they will fit it. I can’t believe you guys are complaining about this, truly impressive.

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