You had to know it was coming, just, maybe not from Pinarello. After Focus introduced Project Y earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before other brands jumped into the e-Road ring. Like Focus, Pinarello has introduced a light weight (for an e-bike) road machine that centers around the Fazua Evation system, which is one of the lightest on the market.

With the drive system alone coming in at 4.7kg, Pinarello claims that they can build a complete bike in as little as 13kg (28.66lbs). Other than reduced weight, the Fazua system also integrates nicely into the frame making for a silhouette that is just slightly more bulky than normal. Pinarelly of course took the chance to expand on their Asymmetric design philosophy with a T700 carbon frame that is adequately stiff, yet still claims to be aerodynamic. According to Pinarello, the frame has the same head and seat tube angles as the Dogma, with a 1% increase in wheel base compared to the Gan, 10% taller head tube with 1.125-1.5″ tapered fork, and flat mount 160mm disc brakes with 12mm thru axles.

Fitted with a handebar mounted control unit, the Nytro has three levels of assist from Breeze to the full 400w Rocket mode and 60Nm of max torque. One of the downsides of the internal battery is that it has just 252 watt hours, which is half of what you’d find in something like the new Shimano Steps e8000 series. But the bike is almost 20lbs lighter, so it would be interesting to see how it works out. Pinarello lists the “duration” (we assume this means battery life) as 1400m (4593ft) of climbing in Rocket mode. Maximum assisted speed is capped at 25 Km/h.

Available in just five sizes to start, the bikes are also only available in Europe at the moment. Price is TBA.



  1. Wow, that’s a pretty low assist speed for an e-bike, especially one targeted at the road. However I think it won’t take long for someone will use it to bag all the local Strava KOMs 🙂

  2. BR, you’re letting them off too easily. Here’s an excerpt from Pinarello’s press relase:

    “Nytro aims at a wide target, from the one that has no time to train but would never miss a weekend ride with friends, to women who would like to follow easily the men’s pace…”


  3. BR please visit their Instagram and then re-draft this article no one really cares that pinarello is making an e-bike. In the states their brand is so diluted that everyone kind of jokes about pinarello riders (you know riders with 14k bikes and a 160 watt ftp) so an ebike would probably fit their consumers quite well. What I don’t understand is how you are letting their rampantly sexist advertising go uncritiqued.

  4. You all make me laugh. BR posts something, you all freak out on them about e-bikes and assume they read your crap. They don’t care if you never log on again, all 12 of you in a global cycling market!

  5. what a disappointing response from the haters…. your not making the comments on ebikes worth reading anymore. Where is the black self righteous vitriol???

      • Agreed the main controversy with e-bikes is the MTB trail access thing. On the road my concerns are illegally modified E-Bikes that are basically unlicensed motorcycles with dangerous top speeds and usually sketchy safety features/build quality. This doesn’t bother me you still can’t got very fast w/o the motor cutting out so you won’t have sketchy inexperienced riders in 27+mph pace line messing up things and causing crashes because they won’t be able to use the battery to hold that speed. The issue with this bike is the sexism in the Pinarello marketing strategy.

        • Sorry but strongly disagree. Been plenty of whining about ALL ebikes. Some people probable do limit their vitriol to mtb related, but nearly all the whining is ebikes in general without regard to purpose of said bikes.

          ebike is not for me, but I see no reason to exclude people who need/want them for whatever reason. Key is assisted. For those that whine that they are too fast and dangerous etc. Many of those need to look in the mirror. There are multitudes of d*ck riders out there, that are dangerous as hell without the e-assist. The most dangerous riders out there are the fastest and most skilled, because they take the most chances, and tend to look down on everyone else as hurting “their” ride by “BEING IN THEIR WAY”. They also strongly tend to be the self-righteous riders who whine and b*tch when everything the world does not revolve around them. Just like when they get passed by an ebike

          As for the argument that the ebike rider doesn’t have the skills to handle the ebike at it’s speed/max speed, well that is a self-remedying “problem”. If the ebike rider is not skilled enough, they will end up wiping out etc and be off the trail/road etc. So they will either slow down, or be selected out of the rider pool. MTB or Road, the same will happen. Supposed problem solved.

          Now bring on the self-righteous vitriol hate…. it’s good entertainment.

    • Hey if it’s not on MTB trails I’m okay with everything about this except for calling it a bicycle. Has a motor is a motorcycle.

  6. My drop bar e bikes do two things for me. They combine my lifelong affair with motorcycles and bike riding. I don’t ride to race but for fun and fitness and they hit those marks on the nose if you ride it like a tandem with a fit stoker. I do have to say that I don’t think they will gain much popularity with the output and battery capacity that the Forzua system provides, but you can always take it out when it poops out and ditch it beside the road I guess. In fact I don’t think that mid drive is the way forward with e road bikes at all. I use a front hub motor and by isolating the motor’s output from the drivetrain I find I can still maintain my preferred pedaling input/cadence. It also can be swapped out easily and the battery left at home for when I want to go analog. Anyone in the PDX that wants to see what is what let me know.

    • Hi- can I as a question out of honesty (I’m not trying to prod a reaction but I’m genuinely curious)? You mention that you ride a road eBike for fun and fitness, but doesn’t the electric motor counter the fitness argument? Or at the very least, wouldn’t the eBike hinder your ability to achieve greater fitness?

      • I was an e-Bike sceptic until I rode one. With the motor speed limit / assist cutoff, I find myself working just as hard vs. my regular road bike to keep my speed up. You still get a great workout, you just go a bit faster on average than you can without the assist. Perfect in my case for communiting. For all of the hater/unbelievers out there, please go and ride a pedal-assist e-Bike. I think you might be suprised at the experience.

        • Idk, I rode one of those e-baby carriage bikes at a demo & it felt like I was putting in 1/10th the effort to pedal around. The feeling was like being on a weak moped that was jerky in slow speeds. Like I said, felt like I used 1/10 th the energy… that’s not getting the same workout imo

      • No, you can put in the same amount of effort you can in a road bike, you’d just be going faster do to the power assist. Also not everyone has an FTP of 250+, this will let them suffer but at a greater speed. You have to remember that they’re electric assist, they add to the power you’re putting into the pedals.

        • Let’s say your ride is always A to B, the same route. Then you would not be putting in the same effort. So for a daily commute to work and then back home you don’t get the same workout. But sure if you did an hour training ride an hours effort should be an hour’s effort.

  7. The ebikes made me ride more! After a day of work coming home feeling tired, and looking at my road bike I just did not have enough power in the body to ride. Having an ebike I knew I could get home after riding. So I rode more.
    Instead of telling ebike riders where they should not ride why not tell where they could ride. The riders buying these bikes are not going to be on your personal private trail that you do not own. They do not have your high level of skill..haha raced mtb back in the 80s.
    So just get out and enjoy the ride.

  8. I’m an experienced 73 yr old cyclist and former masters road racer. I developed prostate cancer, went through the radiation treatments and for the last 5 yrs have been on hormone treatments. Additionally, I have had to have an ablation and subsequently got a pacemaker.
    I went from being an “A” rider to barely being able to ride with the “B” riders. Sometimes I got dropped by them. If it weren’t for a couple of friends who stayed with me when I got dropped or literally pushed me up some hills I would have been riding alone
    Enter the Giant Road-E bike. Now I’m riding more and at a faster pace and enjoying my rides a lot more. For me it’s an equalizer.
    If you don’t have the experience or skills to ride fast in a group don’t think you can just hop on an e-bike and ride with the faster group. Like everything it takes time.

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