We do a lot of quick trips, traveling to ride bikes from our Bikerumor EU HQ, and that invariably means efficient packing. Silca’s newest Maratona Gear Bag looks like a great new option – sorting & stuffing riding gear into a bag that can haul a solid weekend’s worth of kit, keep it all organized, and still fit into the overhead compartment when necessary.

Silca Maratona Gear Bag race day or carry-on luggage?

courtesy of Silca

Whether travel means day trips to race cyclocross, weekends of family biking, or whirlwind trips within Europe to cover the latest & greatest bike tech, it always boils down to packing as much riding gear as possible into the most minimal baggage, sometimes leaving a little room left over for street clothes.

The $180 Maratona gear bag was designed to handle it all – taking design input from both pro & amateur riders. As a cycling specific weekender bag, it offers organized sorting of your riding gear, plus separate self-contained outside pockets for both wet & dirty riding kit and your riding shoes, both vented to the outside!

Inside the bags gets small mesh & zippered pockets for easy access to essentials, plus a set of elastic loops to hold a pair of bidons in place.

The bag itself unzips to lay flat making it easy to get to everything inside, but also to create a flat surface to lay out all of your kit, or even keep your socks dry in wet grass.

Outside the bag gets carry handles on three sides, plus a set of stowable padded shoulder straps to carry it as a backpack (or as a duffel).

Overall construction of the Maratona bag is much like the rest of Silca’s packs – made from a mix of weather-resistant rugged 600D nylon and waxed canvas, with reflective contrast stitching. At 60x40x25cm overall when expanded or about 60l the Maratona is a big bag for the weekend, but still fits within airline guidelines for carry-on luggage. All that space will be welcome for any cyclist who has struggled with packing for a weekend of racing, especially in uncertain or winter weather.



  1. People are going to knock it but this looks like an awesome bit of kit for guys who race a lot or have to bike commute to races. I’ll stick to my duffle bag and some basic tools though. Good market if someone can undercut them I would easily spend 40-80 for a good cycling specific bag (eg. place for helmet, glasses, electronics, small tool roll, and separate ventilated bin for shoes/dirty kits) with padded dividers and backpack straps.

  2. Endura makes a similar bag that also has wheels. I use mine for all business travel as well. I suspect this is a market that can handle multiple options.

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