It may not seem like it on the surface, but according to OPEN, the company has a lot in common with Yeti Cycles. According to OPEN co-founder Andy Kessler, he and Yeti owner Chris Conroy frequently crossed paths early on in their career and they would both go on to create companies based around “bikes they wanted to ride.”

Even though one company focuses on full suspension mountain bikes and the other on all terrain gravel bikes and super light rigid mountain bikes, both have similar customer-centric business models. When you buy a Yeti, you become part of the Tribe, when you purchase an OPEN, they’re working to develop the same sense of community with events like the Crossfondue.

All of this leads up to the new Yeti-inspired OPEN U.P. painted in Yeti Turquoise. The frame is the same highly acclaimed all carbon gravel bike with aggressive geometry and clearance for 27.5 x 2.1″ tires, just with yet another color option. Priced at $3,200, the Turquoise U.P. sells for the same price as the recently updated U.P., which added flat mount brakes, and a new fork. The new color should be available in time for the holidays, if you’d like to give yourself a new ride.



  1. Iv seen several probably 3 in the last year and they are pretty sick. One of the owners raced his in the dirty Kazan with rave reviews. Iv never personally spent time on one but they look great, I really like some of the build kits they spec and every owner iv talked too loves theirs.

      • I have the upper and I am actually thinking about a original up as a back up beater bike I like them that much and considering getting rid of all my road bikes Once you ride one you won’t question way better than my santa cruz stigmata was

          • the stigmata is a great bike for cyclocross tough and responsive but for gravel and single track it lacks the versatility of a open as it can only handle 700×40 you might be able to push a little bigger tire it depends on rim size but the Open up can handle 700×45 and 650×2.1 that alone make’s it worth it but for me it really comes down to ride quality the Open is compliant as well as stiff light and and super responsive it just feels right and really is a joy to ride for gravel rides and occasional single track it just preforms better while being more comfortable and weighing less with more versatility as it also can double as great road bike as well. Test ride one somewhere to see for yourself.

  2. Yeti doesn’t make road bikes. Yeti’s pro riders need road bikes for training. Yeti doesn’t want their riders on a competitor’s road bike. Open doesn’t make MTB so they don’t compete. Voilà!

    • Maybe but there are plenty of bikes the yeti “pros” could ride for training that are not made by competitors in the Endurbro market. However Yeti does have a history of jumping on bandwagons after they’ve long discredited those new markets. Great examples are 29ers, plus tires and now gravel bikes.

  3. At this day and age when nobody wants an MTB unless it is eagle/boost/plus/enduro/wide rims/wide bars/etc, it is nigh-on impossible to sell high-end XC machines. Unless you stick some road bars on them and all of a sudden they become AWESOME and everyone wants them! 😀

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