Most cycling helmets are not considered compact. The rigid EPS and hard plastic concoctions are great at protecting your head, but not so great at saving space. If that’s ever bugged you, there’s a new folding helmet on the market you should check out.

Simply called the LID, the helmet is constructed in five panels that are each connected with webbing. The webbing allows the helmet to collapse to a much smaller foot print for easy storage in your bag. Once folded, hidden magnets inside keep the helmet in its collapsed state.

However, once expanded the helmet still meets EN1078 and CPSC safety testing standards. Fit adjustments can be made with a four notch system and velcro strap internally. The separate pieces also act as cooling channels or vents to help keep you cool.

In an interesting twist, the helmets are also badged as ‘eco-friendly’, which in this case means they are made from recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS). Reusing packaging material from the auto industry, EPS is reworked into usable pellets for the helmet forming process making use of material that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The helmets are available through indiegogo with helmets starting at $70 for the Early Bird Special. Currently, the Lid is only available in a M/L for 55-58cm heads, though more sizes are in the works.


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