One look at the Rocky Mountain PipeDream is all that’s needed to flash back to the beginnings of freeride. While still a thoroughly modern bike, the use of linkage plates and carefully formed aluminum brings us back to the days of hucking off roofs and discovering new ways to ride a mountain bike.

Photos c. Rocky Mountain/Margus Riga

The bike isn’t a new model from Rocky Mountain, rather an homage to their roots in the freeride scene with the original Fro Riders like Wade Simmons. Built at the Rocky Mountain Bicycles Development Center in Vancouver, the frame features details like the NE 3 Man cross brace, CNC milled 3D Link and a 49mm straight head tube and extra frame gussets.

Unless your name is Wade Simmons, you won’t be able to get your hands on a PipeDream, though you can check out Wade sending it old school above. The bike was also created to coincide with the launch of The Moment, a feature film about the birth of freeride mountain biking. The film premiered last week, with additional showings in British Columbia, and a few in California, with more coming soon.




  1. “super boost”

    “one word…linkage plates”

    Great light hearted video in the age of overly serious cinematic adventure series adverts

  2. I love RM, but I wish they’d do a retro alu series for customers. This bike looks radder then anything they’ve put out the last few years. The carbon bikes looks so dam boring.

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