Specialized has identified a potential manufacturing defect in the forks of around 13,000 2018 Allez road bikes, some of which have already made it to consumers and some sitting in bike shop inventory. No injuries have been reported yet. But out of caution Specialized is asking cyclists to stop riding & retailers to stop selling the affected bikes.

2018 Specialized Allez road bike fork recall

All of the affordably priced aluminum framed 2018 Allez, Allez Sport, and Allez Elite bikes appear affected by the manufacturing fault that could result in carbon fork failure at the crown. Specialized is handling the preventive recall themselves, having not been directed as usually the case for recalls by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“Owners of affected models should stop riding immediately and take their bicycle back to any Authorized Specialized Retailer in order to initiate a planned fork replacement process, and collect a complimentary $75 USD customer appreciation credit.”

Specialized does not yet have replacement forks ready, as they need to go back to manufacturing a bit to resolve the issue and then carry out some testing. If all needed approvals go as planned, Specialized expects to ramp up replacement fork production by late January, with sufficient replacement stock ready worldwide around the end of February, painted to match the existing bikes. Until then, customers who’ve already purchased (and started riding) the bikes are out of luck. But they will be first in line for the replacements ahead of bike shops. We guess that’s better than potential fork failure & injury. Then again, that also supports why they are offering monetary compensation too.

More information at: Specialized.com


  1. 75 bucks for not being able to use your new bike for months what a load of crap. Especially at this level where for many of these riders this would be their only road bike.

    • While there is no getting around the fact that this is unfortunate news for any owner of a new Allez, not riding your bike for two months in the middle of (what is for most in North America) a pretty unfriendly riding season probably won’t be a massive problem for most owners. And for those those that are put out by the recall, there remain a number of workarounds, the most obvious being to continue riding on it.

      • Riding a bike that the manufacture explicitly states not to ride due to risk of fork failure is decidedly not a viable workaround. Would it be due to another failure mode, like seat post, okay. Fork…no.

        One paid for a bike to use. They can’t. Doesn’t matter what you think how people may or may not ride based on your view of rideable season. You may be right, it may not inconvenience some, but Specialized offering should cover those for which it is and the stated compensation does not do that at the slightest.

      • That’s silly there are tons of areas where these where sold which are rideable in January. Fact is selling someone an expensive product and pulling that away from them is crap. And yeah you go ride a fork with a void in it.

        • I bet all forks have voids in them – but once there are either field failures or 3rd party testing done then recalls happen. Specialized likes to pretend their brand is high quality but they continue to prove otherwise. All these carbon frames and forks made by the same 6 far eastern manufacturers with not enough QA and testing investment by the “brands”. Discovering a manufacturing defect possibly in 13000 forks proves your mfg control sucks.

  2. Agree. Specialized should at the very least be providing existing customers loaners (Tarmac, Allez Sprint) or just suck it up and give them s-works forks if the customer can live without the fender mounts.
    For many a $1000 bike is a BIG investment and not being able to use that will leave a very sour tasts

    • I should mention these riders are probably more likely to ride these forks while waiting for the new ones to arrive. This is so bizarre since Specialized is very good at this stuff, I had to do a double take and make sure it wasn’t Cannondale.

  3. This is the SR Suntour fork recall all over again. We had customers fuming because they were told not to ride their bikes and Suntour took up to 4 months in some cases to replace forks. We ended up exchanging about 100 bikes for customers, fitting the new forks when they came in, and selling bikes at a loss.

  4. Do they really not have enough forks available to give people ones to use while they wait for the carbon replacement? We’re talking about an Allez – for a couple months, it seems like any old fork would do.

    • We our racing season begins in January and this is an issue for bike shops who will bear the brunt of this recall. These are extremely valuable customers; most are fairly new to the sport and are probably willing to buy more from their bike shop in the future, however, a sour taste in their mouth will more or less make them more likely to visit another IBD or online when they are willing to upgrade to a sprint or higher end road bike,shoes, pedals, Garmin, etc.

  5. I just bought my Allez E5 earlier this week and its my first bike. I was actually in the bike shop yesterday and the mechanic asked my name because he was just about to call me about the recall but I happened to be in the shop looking for thermal tights. I live in Alabama so its not unbearable down here. However, it has been pretty cold for our standards lately with highs in the low 40’s. I wont be able to buy a smart trainer until maybe later this month so I can possibly use the bike in that capacity. But even in that case my thermal tights investment will be for nothing until the new forks arrive.

    Being that this is my first bike and all the other things I have had to buy to get started, has dictated that I have not had the money for a smart trainer yet. My bike shop has been really good though. They are asking Specialized if there is another fork that they can put on my bike to get me riding until they send the revised units out. I wasn’t that bummed about it at first but hearing how long it might take is starting to concern me a little. And thanks for posting about the $75. I didn’t know about that until just now.

  6. I’m not a specialized retailer, and no bike I’ve sold has been subject to a recall (YET, but it’ll happen eventually).

    This attitude is why I tell people my job is mostly massaging white privilege. “Hey, problem identified with no injuries. Will void existing production schedule (100% planned over 12 months ago) and have updated paint-matched forks and some extra money during the lowest mileage time of year for northern hemoshphere cycling –you know, where the vast majority of these white people are doing this activity.”

    Rabble, rabble, rabble. We get hit by cars ALL THE TIME. 8 weeks of trying out a little running, maybe some yoga, or just playing outdoors is OKAY. We take technology and development cycles for granted. Try orchestrating 13,000 of ANYTHING inside of 2 months. I’m confident nobody who has commented here could orchestrate documentation of 13,000 bowel movements in the same amount of time. No guidelines, no color matching, no distribution. Let companies do their best, take their hit, and pay you off for the inconvenience. Or buy another brand if you think they’re less prone to error. It’s still a human like you on the other side of this operation. Don’t fire up like a keyboard warrior if you don’t have one. If you do and you make a comment, buy yourself something special with your gift card, and really see how angry you are. if it feels nice, drop that comment back here, later.

      • Please don’t let that guys comment disturb you. It was loosely connected and a little weird at best. And thats coming from me an African American man (I have no clue what that guy is). Heck… that guy seems more upset than me and I actually own an affected Allez lol!

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