When it debuted, the Pacenti P-Dent handlebar and stem combo gave riders an unprecedentedly short stem length at 25mm. To do this, they had to indent the handlebar to make room for the fork’s steerer tube. The benefit? A very short stem length if you wanted it, without losing any standard adjustability. Now, they’ve gone even shorter…

pacenti pdent 25mm and 20mm mountain bike stems with 35mm diameter carbon fiber riser handlebar is the shortest mtb stem in the world

The handlebar is available in carbon fiber, the stem in CNC’d 7075 alloy. The big update comes in diameter change, upping the girth to 35mm (from 31.8mm), which requires a bigger divot in the bar. Even so, they say it exceeds all safety testing standards. Options are:

  • 15mm 5º rise / 7º sweep / 800mm
  • 25mm 5º rise / 7º sweep / 800mm

Combined weights with stem are 338g and 347g depending on bar selection. The system ships with the 25mm stem for $249. The 20mm stem is offered separately for $100 and comes in at 122g. Clamp size is also 35mm.

pacenti pdent 25mm and 20mm mountain bike stems with 35mm diameter carbon fiber riser handlebar is the shortest mtb stem in the world

Why would you want this? Pacenti says it brings your hands back, closer to the steering’s center axis. This means less rider input needed to initiate a turn, so you save energy on longer rides. If you’re between frame sizes and the smaller one just feels too small but the larger one just feels too big, this could let you get on the larger frame without screwing up handling like a really long stem (on the smaller frame) would. Or, for really short riders just trying to make something fit, it might be just the solution. Like if you’re trying to get your kids fit onto your old bike and help them grow into it.

Both the new bars and stems are available for pre-order now at $50 off the bar stem combo.



  1. duder on

    They should make a hole in the center of the handlebar so you can have a zero length stem. Just like a stem clamp with half a handlebar welded on each side. It’d be sick.

  2. Tom in MN on

    You can’t change the amount of work it takes to steer. Shorter lever arm means more force is needed through a shorter distance, longer needs less force but the distance is bigger. Work required stays the same. And stem length changes the lever arm much less than bar length will, especially with really short stems.

    Getting the bars in a comfortable position is what this is really useful for. And that will make it easier to steer.

  3. Dodo on

    This must be the stupidest innovation I have seen in a life time. (a) it need to weight a ton to compensate for the dent … and it does, (b) it introduces yet another stem standard, (b) instead of building a proprietary bar and stem make the bars with a slightly different sweep back and you are home. Very silly

    • Brendan on

      Agreed. 7° is not a lot of backsweep for a bar this wide. you could probably get your hands in the same fore/aft position by using a 35mm-length stem and a 9° backsweep bar, and it would be more comfortable too.


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