Wasting no time in expanding their product line, Floyd’s of Leadville has a new option for pain relief. Shortly after introducing bigger CBD oil capsules and Tinctures, FOL is rubbing it in with a new cream .

By sticking to THC-free hemp to produce Cannibidiol (CBD) oil, FOL is able to sell their products throughout the United States. Not only are the non-THC CBD products legal for use and sale in the U.S., but they’re also OK by WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) for competition.

Their latest product, a transdermal CBD cream is meant for pain relief on the spot. Mixed with eucalyptus, grapeseed, olive, orange, and primrose oils, the cream also has ingredients like menthol, and Trolamine which is itself an analgesic. All together, the cream should do the trick for minor aches and pains or you can request a full refund on the purchase price of $69.99 within 30 days. Also, if you order before December 26th you can snag a free t-shirt with the code FREETEE.

If you’re looking for something a little more performance oriented, Floyd’s is also selling full kits. While chatting with him at Interbike this year, Floyd mentioned the new “yellow jersey” idea as an amusing way to advertise his new brand. After all, it’s a yellow jersey from a company selling drugs, owned by a professional rider busted for doping, who lost the real yellow jersey. Clearly, Floyd has found his sense of humor on the matter after a very dark period in his life. Now, the kits have been designed with Borah Teamwear out of Wisconsin and are available for purchase.

If you can’t bring yourself to sport the yellow jersey, it’s also available in white, and in both men’s and women’s fits. Mountain bike apparel and wool jerseys are available as well.



  1. Seriously, this stuff is complete snake oil. There is no clinical data to support the claims, and there never will be not just because they won’t test it but because it’s literally the same as every other species of snake oil hucksters have sold the public for several hundred years. Why do you guys keep printing stuff from them?
    Do you not feel like you have at least some moderate responsibility to not support crap like this that just takes people’s money?

    • “…crap like this that just takes people’s money”

      And then gives the money back to them??? (see refund policy)

      I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re primary reason in commenting is to be helpful to the “suckers” out there (as opposed to good olde-fashioned trolling, simply hating Floyd, or whatever other ulterior motive).

      But if it doesn’t do anything, people can just get their money back. I don’t think that applies to most/any “normal” meds (for lack of a better term). And if it’s just placebo…well..that’s a philosophical discussion that’s way too deep for the comments section.

      Context: I do not use this product nor do I have any interest in this nor any related company. And I am skeptical of the benefits. But I think offering a money back guarantee shows that the right intention is there.

  2. The rats like it: Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviours in a rat model of arthritis (Eur J Pain. 2016 Jul; 20(6): 936–948)

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