For the past 10 years, Fast Suspension has been tuning and building their idea of the perfect mountain bike suspension. Lately, they’ve been turning out complete products like their Holy Grail rear shock as well as fork cartridge and upgrade kits for existing models.

Their latest product is specifically for the RockShox Yari fork, but a version is also in the works for the Revelation and Boxxer RC as well. Compared to most mountain bike fork compression devices, the Yari’UP has one big difference – the ability to adjust mid-speed compression rather than just high and low.

Designed as a plug and play cartridge, the UP features externally adjustable Low Speed Compression (LSC) and Mid Speed Compression (MSC) along with the bleed port since the cartridge turns the damper into a closed circuit by sealing up the inside of the stanchion. High speed compression is also adjustable, though it requires the changing of shims inside the internal shim stack. The cartridge is said to improve on stock by providing more control over brake dive without affecting low speed tracking or high speed impact management.

Available now, the cartridge runs €259.


  1. Bottle Rocket on

    3 different FAST cartridges and 4 rebuilds later, i’m back on stock internals despite the best efforts of a well known British suspension tuner. Its all well and good being able to adjust everything, just would hope it lasts more than one ride!


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