The buzz may be all about big tires and big clearances, but there are still a lot of people riding a good old road bike. Only, those road bikes are now getting more modern with thru axles and disc brakes. The most modern among them featuring the newest disc brake and thru axle standards – hence, new forks like the No. 7 RD from Whisky Parts Co.

Two of the most important features of the fork would have to be the axle itself and the brake mount. Road, cross, and gravel bikes seem to be settling towards 12 x 100mm thru axles for the front, so that’s exactly what the No. 7 brings to the table with a simple bolt thru axle.

It also has a 140mm flat mount brake standard so it can take advantage of the latest road disc brakes on the market. This is definitely a performance fork – no rack or fender mounts here.


While tire clearance isn’t huge, it does have room for 700c x 28mm tires. The brake hose is routed internally through the leg, and the steerer is a 1.125-1.5″ tapered carbon affair with an aluminum bearing seat. By the numbers, the fork has a 45mm rake, and weighs in at 435g with a price tag of $399. Available now.


  1. Grumpa on

    Instead of saying this fork is for “modern road”, can you please update it to “stupid, consumerist road”? I feel like that would help.

    • Eggs Benedict a.k.a Darth Baller on

      They could increase the inside width for wider tire clearance. But that’s most likely not the limiting variable in the fork design. It’s a road fork so the axle to crown is about 30mm shorter than say a CX fork. So even if you make it wide enough to fit a 35mm tire, it would most likely have radial interference issues with inside of the arch/crown. My response is based on the way I interpreted your comment, that being why didn’t they make the fork so it could handle a wider tire.


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