Just like oversized pumps, when it comes to CO2, fat and plus bikes have special requirements when it comes to inflation. The comically oversized tires don’t need much in the way of pressure, but they require a lot of volume. If you’re the type who would rather pop a CO2 cartridge than cool off while getting out the pump, then over heat when pumping, The Fatty Object may be worth a look.

PDW The Fatty Object inflates fat bikes with new 38g CO2 cartridge

Calling it the first inflator specifically designed for fat bikes, The Fatty Object gets its fat bike cred thanks to an oversized control knob that is easy to use and control with gloved hands. Machined from aluminum, the inflator fits both presta and schrader valves without changing any parts. PDW The Fatty Object inflates fat bikes with new 38g CO2 cartridge

Of course, you can’t have a fat bike inflator without a fat bike sized cartridge. Joining a few other 38g cartridges out there (like MSW), the threaded cartridge promises to inflate a 26 x 4.8″ tire to 6-7 psi, or a 29 x 3.0″ tire to 20-22 psi. As a nice bonus, the cartridge includes a foam insulator sleeve in case you are using the inflator without gloves.

Together, the inflator and the cartridge have a claimed weight of 80g, and the inflator includes a lifetime PDWarranty. You can pick up the inflator/cartridge combo for $35.00, and replacement cartridges run $12.99.



  1. That first bit about “requiring” a lot of volume sounds funny. Remember folks, the product pressure and volume is the critical quantity!

    Maybe “it must distribute this lower pressure gas over a larger volume”?

  2. I like this for flats and potentially reseating tires (?), but when I’m out riding I’d rather have a pump. Rarely do I get flats in the snow, and a pump is much more effective for adjusting tire pressure for variable temperature and snow conditions.

  3. Looks like a great inflation device for those of us with shoulder issues – a bargain. I still carry a pump on the bike for emergency backup, and usually get my pressure done from the start at the trail head with a floor pump. My lack of desire to stand around in our usual -15C temps makes this look like a quick and simple Co2 solution.

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