The story of the BurroSak starts like many new products. When one of the owners of the Weevil Outdoor Supply Co. couldn’t find the right hip pack for their needs, they set out to make their own. Call it a fanny pack, a hip pack, or the BurroSak – whatever you call it, it looks pretty well thought out.


Weevil Outdoor Supply Co. packs the BurroSak w/ their take on hip packs


Starting with a lightweight, water resistant nylon and neoprene construction, the BurroPak uses a weight centered design with a single water bottle holder in the center of the pack. On either side is a large 6.5″L x 1.5″W x 5.5″H pocket with internal dividers for cell phones and keys – as well as storage for a “CAN O’ BEER”, spare tube, CO2, food, tools, and more.

Weevil Outdoor Supply Co. packs the BurroSak w/ their take on hip packs

One of the worst things a hip pack can do is slip down or cut into your stomach, so the BurroPak is designed to prevent that. The large elastic/nylon strap uses a large snap buckle to keep things tight, and the whole thing rides on a compression webbing waist strap that’s wider than many hip packs to keep things comfortable. All in, the bag weighs 277g and will hold up to a 24oz water bottle. The BurroSak sells for $58, and is available now.


  1. Nice looking ;pack. I have the bontrager and it’s nice to use when you don’t want a sweaty pack on your back in hot weather. Have not utilized the bottle storage on it as of yet. Both packs have two zippable compartments and a well built buckle.

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