We covered the crazy adventures of Austrian mountain bike daredevil Markus ‘Max’ Stöckl before – last time flying down a Volcano at 168kph/104mph. Now he’s back, again on a mostly stock Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro downhill bike, this time bombing down the snowy Hahnenkamm – called the most difficult alpine ski course in the world.

Max Stöckl bombing Kitzbühel pistes on a DH bike

With Winter Olympics looming, it looks like Red Bull is stirring up interest in winter sports again. They first had F1 star driver Max Verstappen take on the mountain in 2016 in his Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 race car. Then it was MotoGP champ Marc Marquez‘s turn last January on his Repsol Honda motorcycle sliding up and down the slopes.

But all Stöckl had was his stock Mondraker Summum DH bike, some killer studded tires, and gravity to get him down the mountain.

The Streif slope off the Hahnenkamm is known for its World Cup Super-G, Downhill & Slalom races that have been on the ski circuit for more than 50 years.

The course averages out at 27%, dropping 860m (2822′) in 3.3km (2mi) and took Stöckl just over two minutes to cross.

Oh yeah, and the 85% Mausefalle/Mousetrap section that vault skiers into the air before a big g-out did the same to Stöckl.

And he ended up on the ground more than once, as he did the run over and over to try to figure out the treacherous turns.

Bike tech details

Along the way he topped out at 106km/hr (66mph), sticking to the groomed snow with 2.5″ Maxxis Minion SS DH tires studded with hundreds of custom machined 15mm (0.6″) spikes.

Stöckl is big on completing his stunts on stock equipment, so outside of those spikes (and a custom carbon rear fender to keep his butt safe from the spinning rear tire), his ride is a off-the-shelf 27.5″ Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro bike that you can get from any Mondraker shop. His bike is built up with a Shimano Saint drivetrain & brakes, Shimano DX clipless pedals, Renthal & SDG cockpit, and Fox suspension.

The only thing really that looked out-of-place were a set of lightweight 30mm internal DT Swiss XMC 1200 carbon trail bike wheels, that were picked at ~1446g to offset some of the extra weight of the metal spikes.

Stöckl wanted to do something that nobody had ever done before ahead of the 78th running of the famous Hahnenkamm downhill ski race this weekend.

“Racing down a straight icy hill is a totally different thing to anything else I have done… It was more fun than I thought it would be. Coming down the final shoot and jump was a great rush.”



  1. Allan on

    Gillis, I’m glad someone else said it first. Respect to the guy, but it didn’t look like he was really going very fast. Probably way faster than any other sane person would attempt, especially on a bike, but I’ve seen a lot more impressive stuff from this “super extra fancy Xtreme” sports genre. It’s just “meh” as far as one of these publicized and produced stunts go from these sugar/chemical drink companies.

  2. Thedan on

    I’ll stick wIth Gillis- Meh. It’s pretty and shiny but…

    Its got to be hard (and given that a rider like Stöckl still hit the ground- it’s got to be insanely hard) but it’s just more playful look at me stuff.

    There are ample people out there doing some amazing things. Adventures that are much more than a decorated commercial with music and billboards all over the rider.

    Sometimes I read these posts just to see what people comment on.
    If that’s you? Click the behind the scenes link.
    It’s better than the first video. The steepness of those slopes is daunting.

    But really- shame on me for clicking anything RedBull related and expecting something different.


  3. dustytires on

    I wonder what a world class downhiller could do in the same situation. Sam f’n Hill, Aaron Gwin? Even some of the washed up guys like Nico or Cedric! haha All of these guys had far more descending talent than this guy ever did, and for this kinda stunt, pure cornering finesse is what it takes.

  4. KM on

    Nice vid and more importantly a cool and really tough achievement from Max, Chapeau! Plus it made me want to go out and ride in the snow!

  5. Robin on

    I dunno. Looks fun. I don’t think everyone has the skills to do this. Maybe some downhill bicycle racers do, but where are their videos?

    Maybe I’m easily entertained.


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