Got a pair of 10 speed wheels that you’re really hoping to run with your new 11 speed drivetrain? Before you start taking a grinder to that freehub, there’s another way. Lasco Concept is a machining and welding company out of Montréal, Québec that must have some employees who are into cycling as well. Instead of welding up industrial applications or creating fantastic works of metallic art, Lasco Concept has figured out away to machine an 11 speed cassette in a way that it fits onto a 10 speed freehub body.

Lasco Concept turns out 11 speed cassettes to fit your 10 speed wheelsWhile many wheels offer enough room physically between the spokes and the last cog to fit an 11 speed cassette, the 1.8mm difference in freehub width is enough to prevent the newer cassettes from fitting. While some hubs have the ability to swap freewheels and end caps to fit, others may not. That’s where the Lasco Concept cassettes come in.

Lasco Concept turns out 11 speed cassettes to fit your 10 speed wheels

Complete Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 speed cassettes are available directly from Lasco Concept for $130 + shipping (price may fluctuate based on exchange rate). These cassettes are pre-machined and will fit directly onto 10 speed freehub bodies and are available in 11-25, 11-28, and 11-32t.

However, if you already have an 11 speed cassette that you wish would fit other wheels*, Lasco Concept will machine it for you. For the service, they’ll charge $45 plus an additional $18 to ship it back to you in the U.S (you have to cover shipping to get it there as well). Lasco Concept says the cassettes must have at least a 25t cog or larger as the last cog to ensure it will fit over the hub flange and spokes. The catch is that they’ll only accept Shimano 105 CS-5800, Ultegra CS-6800, and SRAM Force cassettes to machine. Estimated turn around is just 24-48 hours.

Lasco Concept turns out 11 speed cassettes to fit your 10 speed wheels

And if you’re worried aboutthe cassette fitting on 11 speed freehubs as well, Lasco Concept says to simply use the 11 speed 1.85mm spacer that is included with many 11 speed hubs.

For more details, or to order the cassettes check out their facebook page.


  1. There is a machinist on the online swap meet Facebook group that will do this to a user provided casette for like $45.

  2. Speaking of 11sp cassettes. Does anyone know when 12sp road is out? I heard Campy was going to be the first 12sp with the Super Record grouppo but Eagle beat them to it. So maybe Super Record will be the first 12sp road? Does Bike Rumor know or have any details? Bike Rumor has been suspiciously quiet on this important news!!!

  3. Doesn’t SRAM already make these cassettes? Oh, in fact, I’m positive they do. SRAM 11 speed road cassettes (and some mountain) fit on standard 10 speed Shimano freehub bodies. Not sure what these guys are going after?

  4. 12 speed is going to require 135mm spacing. Not a big deal as everything is moving to disc brakes anyway. SRAM will probably push the XD driver if it does a 12-speed road group (like it does with Eagle).

  5. Wheels Manufacturing has been doing this for many years, originally for mixing Campy drivetrain with Shimano 10sp free hub body. Works with all modern 11sp systems.

  6. Support your local machinist! It’s a 1.8mm bore on the shoulder of the cassette, you don’t need to send it off! Bit peeved Bikerumor is so late to this. It should be mentioned that these cuts may not be compatible with some wheels that dish more to the drive side. A disc wheel (The HED wheel) has no spokes and wouldn’t have this problem but some wheels with low flange hubs and shallow rims may have this issue.

  7. Shimano HG-800 fits both, but its only an 11-34, which is fine for a 1X set-up, but having this option for smaller ranges is great. I have a couple of 10s CX wheelsets so this will be useful.

  8. Considering that 1) this is exactly how 11s MTB cassettes work 2) the reason commonly given for not doing this with road cassettes is that they’re too small and would intersect the spokes 3) a staggering number of people run 25t+ 105 or Ultegra cassettes and 4) this clearly works then I only have one question. WTF, industry?

    • Don’t say WTF industry. Say WTF SRAM and SHIMANO. They have driven 90% of the changes. Most of those are not needed outside of their product.
      15mm and 12mm front axles
      Flat mount disk
      11spd cassette bodies
      The new soon to be released 12spd mountain body

      Metric shocks
      Torque cap
      XD cassette body
      XDR cassette body

      and many more.

  9. I thought the new r8000 ultegra cassettes already came out of the box ready for either 10s or 11s.. I have one in the mail – i’ll find out soon 🙂 .. I can, however, vouch for a seamless transaction with Lasco Concepts and a product that works.. purchased one from them a year or so back.

    • Only the R8000 11-34T is compatible for both 10s and 11s since the 34T is big enough to clear the rear spokes. You can use M9000 or M8000 11s on 10s hubs

    • Sorry more like Shimano only made the R8000 (HG800) 11-34T compatible for both 10s and 11s bodies. The others will only work for 11s (without modification).

    • Specifically the CS-HG800 11-34 is the only 11-speed, “road,” cassette from Shimano that fits on 10-speed, HyperGlide driver bodies. It is essentially an 11-34 11-speed MTB cassette made to Ultegra R8000 quality. As someone else mentioned, the 34T sprocket size was big enough that Shimano considers it safe to clear any and all spoke angles that follow their hub specs.


  10. I’m about to buy a Lasco Concept modified Ultegra cassette so I can use my 10-speed Dura Ace wheels on a newer bike. Anyone out there put some miles on one of these? All these disclaimers have me a bit concerned.

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