There are plenty of Garmin mounts out there that add an additional light mount underneath. But what to do if you already have a single mount, and want to add a light up front… cleanly? Well, then you might want to check out the new Fabric Lumaray.

Fabric Luminary stacks light between your Garmin and its mount

Designed to be about the same size as a Garmin GPS, the Lumaray features the same quarter turn mount with the male side underneath, and the female side on top. That allows it to mount directly to your Garmin mount, then your Garmin mounts right on top of it. The Luminary adds a bit of to-be-seen light without taking up room on your bar.

Fabric Luminary stacks light between your Garmin and its mount Fabric Luminary stacks light between your Garmin and its mount

On paper, the Lumaray certainly isn’t the brightest headlight on the market with just 30 lumes, but the COB (Chips On Board) LED panel does offer 270° of visibility. We’re guessing that the lumens are partially a result of how small this light actually is, and the limited space to store a USB rechargeable battery. Even so, the Lumaray manages to crank out a claimed two hours on high, or seven and a half hours on low (seven hours flash).

The end result seems like a sleek way to add some safety to the front of your bike for £27.99.


  1. 30 lumens up front is a joke. For $10 more you can get a Lights and Motion Urban 350 which 10x more powerful and has a gopro mount which can be used with your headunit mount (Barfly/K-Edge) to stick a light in the best place possible.

    • At 30l this is in the daylight safety category. I can see lots of people wanting one because it integrates well but like you, I prefer something that I can use to see in the dark, too.

  2. This was announced last summer. By late autumn it was discontinued and removed from store listings. Now it’s being announced again… Is it real or vaporware?

  3. I don’t like that I’m supposed to trust a $30 part to sit between my $600 computer and its mount, it just adds another point of failure. Now if they made a light that sit on top of the Garmin, that’s something I’d be interested in.

  4. eh. neat idea, but seems like they missed a design opportunity by not making it “fit” better visually with the garmin.
    I rarely run a front light, but when I do, it’s my light and motion seca. 😀

  5. I bought it last week and used it today as daylight flasher. Very visible on a cloudy day and excellent in the period between sundown and dark. I was hesitant and hoped they’d upgrade to 50 or 60 Lumens, but afaik there’s no competitor that makes something that integrates this cleanly with a Garmin. I’m glad I got one while stocks were up!

  6. Bought one of these in June. Used it for the very first time on the Tour of Worcester sportive in October. Garmin mounted on top of light as per the suggested use. One patch of bumpy road surface, about an hour into the ride and thank god my Edge1000 was tethered via a lanyard, as the Lumaray/Garmin interface snapped off and my Garmin was left hanging from the bars. The light was still attached to the Garmin mount, so it was the top mount section on the Lumaray that broke. Great idea, poorly executed.

  7. I bought one in June. I used it 28/10/18 on a Sportive. The top interface that you sit your bike computer into broke on the first bit of bumpy road. Fortunately my Garmin was tethered via a lanyard otherwise one Edge 1000 would have been down the swanee.

    Good idea. Poor quality execution methinks.

  8. This thing is Junk. I lost a Garmin 1030, because the mount broke, Just like Stu. I regretfully forgot to put on my tether.

  9. Same failure as above – the light mount actually snapped in three separate places during the first month of use. The plastic used is extremely brittle..

  10. I’ve used the V1 of this light for 2 years now, on terrible bumpy roads averaging between 27-30kph – no issues. Just about to buy the V2 which now has 60 lumens.

  11. mine snapped within a year,no replacement given,now v2 is out a bit brighter,a brilliant idea for aero bikes but quality needs to be looked at

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