In a sea of Surly bikes with large tires, the Pacer stands out. For the longest time, the Pacer has been the road bike place holder for Surly – until now. While the Midnight Special is a completely new frame, it still borrows some of that original Pacer DNA and even some of the tubing. However, the Midnight Special is obviously build around road plus to create a bike that excels on the road but still offers plenty of comfort when things get rough – think of it as all road, all day.

The Midnight Special is most definitely a Surly, but there are still a surprising amount of new standards incorporated into the build. Up front you’ll find a 44mm head tube so you can upgrade to a tapered carbon fork if you see fit (don’t worry, the 4130 steel fork is still the only stock option). Then there’s the flat mount disc brakes front and rear. Of course the double butted (front triangle) 4130 ED coated chromoly has plenty of mounts for both racks and fenders. You’ll also find 12 x 100 and 12 x 142mm thru axles front and rear, though they use a slotted dropout design.

Designed around the WTB 650b x 47mm Horizon tires, Surly says the bike has a 650b x 2.2″ max tire size though it’s also compatible with 700c x 42mm wheels and tires as well.

Offered in a huge range of sizes, the Midnight Special will be available in 40-64cm frames.

As a complete, the Midnight special will include a SRAM Rival 22 2×11 drivetrain with a 50/34t SRAM S390 crankset and a Sunrace 11-32 cassette. You’ll also find TRP Spyre mechanical flat mount disc brakes, and Alex XD Elite rims laced to Formula hubs. Pricing will be $1,799 for the complete, and $625 for the frameset, with bikes already available at 26 dealers as we speak.


  1. The 30 mm of spacers under the relatively short stem makes sense as this appears to have pretty long and low geometry for an all road bike. Combined with fairly short chain stays and steep head angle it seems like a bike gravel racers would probably appreciate.

    • The geometry is definitely long for this style of bike but the stack is quite normal. It is nice to see Surly make a racier bike though. It’s pretty just a standard road bike with huge tire clearance.

  2. Aside from the “racier” geometry, is there anything about this bike that isn’t gravel friendly? This may be the best representation I have seen of what I actually want in my next frame, minus the heavier steel, which I could live with…

  3. Oversize QR (as is the case here with the open end dropouts) and a proper thru-axle are two, very different things. This design simply ensures cross-compatibility with QR/TA wheelsets with none of the benefits of a TA system.

    • Nope, it’s 135×10 qr/142×12 ta or 100×9 qr/100×12 ta by way of spacers/adapters and open end led dropouts. Check the surly site

  4. This bike is a waste of space. Surly already has soooo many over lapping bikes. A bike squeezed in between a road bike and a cx bike? But with a 650b wheel? Why? Worsted of many ideas.

    Nobody needs this. Just buy any of 7 other surly bikes that will run the same wheels and tire sizes. Surly came out with a redundant bike just to sell the fan boys something new. This is just as bad as coming out with a new color for an old frame and calling it revolutionary.

    Surly lately is relying on advertising mumbo jumbo words instead of inovation. Hey surly, let’s see a 29er fat bike instead of redundant stuff. What’s next a slightly larger front rack or cheap thin wool clothing? …… oh wait…..

    • If it is really a waste of space, or other model sales fall off, I am positive Surly will stop making them.
      We live in a strange era…people complaining about increased choice.

  5. Can someone clue me in on why it’s still got a level top tube? Are they just stubborn? It’s got a lot of modern features, and it seems strange to hold onto an aesthetic choice like that.

    • Perhaps its an aesthetic choice their customers like.
      There seems to be a hint that you are implying “modern” features such a tire size allowance, axle type and HT diameter can’t coexist with a level TT. Not sure why one must be tied to another.

    • I’m one of those customers – I hate sloping top tubes. And big fat carbon forks on steel frames. It’s just ugly as heck. Give me that classic steel look with a steel fork. Like the All City Space Horse Disc. Or any number of Surly frames. But here’s a reason you didn’t think of – since mountain bike stuff like big tires is invading the road world, that means it’s only a matter of time (it’s actually already happening) before people start putting frame packs on road bikes. So a straight top tube means more room for a frame pack. See, you can justify anything.

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